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Leading with Emmotional Intelligence

“Mike is one of the most enlightening and empowering speakers I have encountered.”  Ian White, Siemens

For the last 30 years Mike George has been guiding, coaching and facilitating the executive development of managers and leaders in companies and communities in over 30 countries.

In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour, Mike brings together the three key strands of 21st century – emotional/spiritual intelligence, management/leadership development and continuous ‘unlearning’.  A teacher of meditation for over 30 years, he is also a highly acclaimed mindfulness coach and trainer.

7AhasA bestselling author of 10 books now in 15 languages, including three audio programmes, his books Include: The 7 AHAS! OF Highly Enlightened Souls; Don’t Get MAD Get Wise; The 7 Myths About LOVE…ACTUALLY!; YOU Can Find Inner Peace; and BEING Your Self. His next eagerly anticipated book on frontier leadership for the new business paradigm is titled The Enlightened Leader.       

Mike is also an inspirational pubic speaker on self-awareness, self-understanding and self-management. One of the founders of The Relaxation Retreat Centre and the Spiritual Intelligence Unit, he has led several acclaimed mindfulness retreats worldwide for people in companies and communities seeking to re-balance and re-focus their way of life. During the past five years he has lead retreats in Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico, USA, Vietnam and throughout the UK.



Being-Yorself_-coverA leading edge trainer in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, management and leadership, Mike’s presentations, master classes, courses and retreats include:

  1. Liberating Leadership
  2. The Enlightened Leader
  3. Management and Mindfulness
  4. Meditation Master Class
  5. Solutions Focused Coaching (team and individual)
  6. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  7. Executive Personal Development
  8. Building Personal Resilience
  9. Mastering Difficult Conversations.

He is also a mentor to individuals seeking to discern a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their personal life. Often working with Mike’s books, coaches gradually deepen their own wisdom and decision making capacity.

 In a world of exponential change the lost arts of contemplation and meditation are increasingly recognised as essential inner skills to discern meaning, develop clear and ‘present’ thinking, cultivate accurate decision-making and focus a clear sense of purpose. Mike guides and coaches executives and small management groups in the art and practice of contemplation and mindfulness meditation during his Meditation Master Classes. He is also the author of In the Light of Meditation and 1001 Meditations.

His corporate clients worldwide include the following:

Mitsubishi Siemens – Royal Bank of Scotland – Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East – Johnson and Johnson – Barclays Bank – Coca Cola – American Express – GlaxoSmithKline – British Telecom – The Allianz Group – Gulf Public Relations – Sheraton Hotels – Nestle – Zagrebačka Banka – Unilever -Shell.

Mike plays a number of roles for a variety of organisations including:

  •  Senior Management Tutor/Trainer for Reed Learning in the UK
  • Visiting Tutor at Cranfield Management School in the UK
  • Management Tutor and Coach at the Cotrugli Business School
  • Visiting Tutor at the Bocconi Business School in Milan, Italy
  • Visiting Lecturer at M6 Business School, Skopje
  • Senior Management Tutor for the Oxford Leadership Academy



“Without hesitation, I can clearly say that this has been t he very best training I have ever attended. I feel that we, as a Board, have never been so deeply and closely connected and felt as one. Brilliant!”

Franjo Luković, President of the Board,  Zagrebačka Banka

“Great learning, deep insights, renewed energy, feels like a new start! Thank you”.

David Gregory, Manager, Unilever

“I have huge respect for the way you facilitate such deep learning and yet stay light and accessible. I also admire the way you use humour and humility throughout. “

Rose Makin American Express

“Mike is a fantastic teacher with such an easy and comfortable manner that invited me to relax and enjoy the experience. The ‘quiet time’ on the first day was such a powerful exercise – I also found the practical exercises and introduction to meditation really useful.  I feel renewed.  It’s the best course I’ve been on.”

Jamie Fraser, Manager, Marriot Hotels


To book Mike George or for further information contact

Will Gethin: 07795 204 833;