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Changemaker’s Journey

One-to-one mentoring and visibility programme for emergent changemakers

With Hero’s Journey mentor and PR wizard, Will Gethin

From following the call to step up and make a difference and honing your vision, to navigating the challenges of bringing your services to fruition and sharing your positive messages with the world

Are you an emergent thought leader, social entrepreneur, author, artist, spiritual activist, coach, therapist, social change agent, environmentalist or any other aspiring changemaker wanting to make a difference?

Are you needing guidance and support to follow your true calling, hone your vision, navigate the challenges of bringing your work into the spotlight, and support and resources for sharing your unique offering with the world?  

In this unprecedented time of change, the need for changemakers to step forward and help propagate new consciousness evolution have never been greater. And the opportunities to do so have never been more fruitful with the resource of the internet and expanding digital platforms making it possible to share your services and connect with people all over the world.

The core to being a solopreneur is visibility. How do you want to show up in the world and influence and inspire others?

Marrying his proficiency as a communications consultant to leading changemakers with his experience as a Hero’s Journey mentor applying Joseph Campbell’s mythic template for storytelling as a map for living and transformation, Will Gethin is now offering this alchemical mentoring journey in five condensed stages:

1. Call to Step up and Make a Difference

Do you feel called to step up and make a difference?

At this time of unprecedented change and transition, what is life calling you to do?

In this session, you will be guided and supported to clarify or uncover your true calling and take the first step to beginning your changemaker’s journey.

If you’ve already begun the journey, you can use this opportunity to fine tune your calling or to take a step back and review how you can most powerfully align your skills, experience and passions to create the meaningful and purposeful work that you want, in service to the higher good.

2. On the Road

Having followed and clarified the call, it’s time to cross the threshold and begin the journey towards bringing it to the world.

In this session we will explore and evaluate your strengths, skills, values, resources and opportunities that can support you on this journey. We will also take stock of any weaknesses, challenges and threats.  And we will consider any allies and mentors that can support you on your quest, as we approach the Dark Wood.

3. Dark Wood

What is the greatest obstacle or fear standing in the way of you moving forward on your changemaker’s journey?

This stage of the Hero’s Journey is about death and rebirth – and in the changemakers journey it’s about dying to our old ineffective and unwanted ways of working and showing up in the world, and welcoming the opportunity for change, transformation and fresh new beginnings.

4. Treasure

As Jung said, “The gold is in the dark.” What useful gold can we extract from our Dark Wood experience to assist our evolution to becoming a courageous changemaker in support of others? 

Reviewing the calling you chose for stage one, in this session you will also be guided to reclarify your purpose and vision and the positive brand messages you want to take to market.

5. Return

We have the choice to remain stuck or step up as visible changemakers, actively contributing to the wellbeing and happiness of our wider society.

In the stories, returning home, the hero or heroine must integrate any changes and redefine his or her place in the home tribe. Reflecting on our journey, we crystallise our learnings and consider any adjustments needed to fulfil our changemaker’s vision.

The most important part of the Return stage of the Hero’s Journey is that you bring something back to share for the benefit of others. And in this final session, Will Gethin will explain how to use PR to raise awareness of your services and attract customers so you can begin contributing to the welfare of others. Demystifying and simplifying PR and media relations, Will will show you how to stand out from the herd in today’s crowded market place. 

Will Gethin is a power for good in the world.

Satish Kumar – Editor Emeritus of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine / author of Soil, Soul, Society

Will Gethin is a total PR wizard.”

John Martineau – Publisher, Wooden Books

Are you feeling the call to step up as a changemaker and make a difference in the world?

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About Will Gethin

Will Gethin

Founder and Director of Conscious Frontiers, Will Gethin is an experienced PR consultant, journalist and Hero’s Journey mentor, flying the flag for organisations and people engaged in creating a better world.

With 20 years’ plus experience in PR, Will has successfully raised the profile of leading changemakers and  purposeful organisations, including Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, TreeSisters, crime prevention charity Key4Life, British School of Meditation, Satish Kumar, Graham Hancock, William Bloom, Peter Owen Jones and Sarah Rozenthuler. 

With a background in holistic exploration and travel writing, Will has explored many edge-of-the-world frontiers and spiritual traditions on a quest for enlivened living. And having powerfully experienced The Hero’s Journey in his own life – with all its trials, tribulations and hidden treasures -Will facilitates Hero’s Journey workshops and retreats supporting others to feel enlivened and move forward in their lives. He is also a qualified meditation teacher.

The Changemaker’s Journey blends Will’s extensive knowledge of PR with his experience as a Hero’s Journey maker and mentor, to support people to become visible changemakers, catalysing positive change in the world.