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Author / Coach for Resilience, Happiness & Active Hope 

Dr Chris Johnstone is an author, trainer and coach known internationally for his work promoting resilience, sustainable happiness and Active Hope.

FindYourPower_coverChris qualified with distinction as a medical doctor in 1986, before this combining medicine with psychology for his first degree. Working initially as a GP and later as an addictions specialist, he pioneered the role of stress management clinics, positive psychology and self-help trainings for resilience. In 2006, he set up the Bristol Happiness Lectures, a series of annual public events focussing on sustainable happiness and positive mental health. In recognition of his contributions to wellbeing in the UK, he was in included in the Independent on Sunday’s Happy List in 2010.

Chris’s books include Find Your Power – a toolkit for resilience and positive change (2nd edition, Permanent Publications 2010), and, co-authored with Joanna Macy, Active Hope – how to face the mess we’re in without going crazy (New World Library 2012). He co-presented, with Miriam Akhtar, the audio book The Happiness Training Plan (2010).


Chris is known for his engaging style, depth of experience and commitment to practical life-enhancing tools. His popular talks, seminars and workshops include:

1) Resilience Training

Resilience includes our capacity to make the best of things, cope with adversity and rise to the occasion. We all have this ability, though not always as much as we’d like. This talk/course explores how we develop resilience skills ourselves as well as pass them on to other people.

2) Positive Psychology in the Workplace

This talk challenges the idea that you can’t mix business and pleasure, drawing on research showing that workplace performance is improved when people are happier.  Simple practices are introduced that can raise both job and life satisfaction.

3) Sustainable Happiness

Active-Hope-cover1Sustainable Happiness is a deeper, more enduring kind of happiness linked to meaningful purpose, growth of strengths, improved relationships and life satisfaction. With this approach, joy in the moment isn’t at the expense of our own wellbeing, that of other people, our world or future generations. Chris explores how Sustainable Happiness can offer a cultural shift good both for ourselves and the world around us.

4) Active Hope

At a time of uncertainty, many people have understandable concerns about the kind of future we’re heading into. What helps us face disturbing realities and give our best response? Introducing the concept and practice of Active Hope, Chris looks at how can respond to crisis in ways that make turning points more likely. The tools and insights explored strengthen our capacity to address challenges in our own lives, within communities or organisations, and in the bigger picture of our world situation.



Chris’s talk for the Bristol Happiness Lectures 2010 (four parts, approximately ten minutes each):

Pt 1: Our Story of Resilience

Pt 2: The Self-Help SSRI

Pt 3: Strengths, Resources and Insights

Pt 4: Protective Factors

Speaker Testimonials

“Chris Johnstone is a real force for good.”

Oliver James, psychologist, broadcaster and author of Affluenza

“Chris is an inspirational teacher, with both great ‘stage presence’ and an ability to work and listen on a 1:1 level too.”

Dr Pippa Stables, GP Course Organiser, Bristol

“Chris approaches the challenge of changing things, whether in your life or the world, as a journey or adventure.”

Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition Movement

“Chris has a wonderful mix of knowing so much and delivering clearly, but adding a spice of quirkiness and humour.”

Workshop participant (recent feedback)


To book Chris Johnstone or for further information contact

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