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Futurist, scientist, transformation enabler & author


From as early as she can remember, Dr Jude Currivan has been fascinated by how and why the world is as it is. Her work as a scientist, cosmologist and futurist now embodies the life-long experiences and exploration of her quest for understanding, and brings the breadth of her knowledge and expertise in service to the greater good.

With a highly impressive background in international business and finance, she is now drawing on her unsurpassed breadth of knowledge and skills to enable corporate organisations to undergo sustainable transformation.

hopeJude is the author of five non-fiction books available in 15 languages and 25 countries, including CosMos – a co-creator’s guide to the whole-world co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo and HOPE- Healing Our People & Earth. Her pioneering work was honoured with the CIRCLE award for Business and Science by Won Buddhism International in 2010 and sponsored by the United Nations, cited for her “outstanding contribution towards planetary healing and expanding new forms of consciousness”.  She was also recently invited to join the Evolutionary Leader’s Circle, a platform founded by Deepak Chopra to support the world’s leading conscious evolutionaries to collectively accelerate a global shift in consciousness.

The daughter of a coal miner from the North of England, Jude became the first girl in her town to go to Oxford University, studying physics; a Masters Degree followed specialising in quantum physics and cosmology.  A highly successful international corporate career in the ‘80s and ‘90s culminated in her becoming Finance Director of two international companies each with turnovers in excess of £200 million per year. From 1989-1991 at HMV, she helped set up their operations in the USA, Japan and Australia. And in early 1991 she achieved another breakthrough as the first woman appointed to the Main Board of a UK plc when she became the Finance Director of Scholl plc, responsible for investor relations and its strategic, financial and IT operations in some thirty-six countries. In doing so, she became the most senior businesswoman in the UK at that time.

cosmosBy 1997, having also served in external non-executive director positions and on the listing committee of the London Stock Exchange she felt she had accomplished all she had set out to do in the corporate world and left to seek greater challenges. Along the way, she gained a PhD in archaeology researching ancient cosmologies aware that the re-discovery of their perennial wisdom and relationship to the natural world is especially relevant in an increasingly unsustainable modern world and can teach some fundamental insights. She has progressively integrated her knowledge of leading-edge science and universal wisdom teachings, together with her profound respect for nature, into an all-encompassing whole-worldview.

Having also journeyed to nearly seventy countries around the world, it is this wholistic perspective that the many wisdom keepers she has worked with embrace, alongside an increasing number of eminent scientists, spiritual elders, and the many modern mystics now leading some of the most innovative and sustainable organisations of the 21st century. And crucially, this whole-worldview is now on the cusp of emerging into the mainstream.


jude3Sharing her un-matched breadth and depth of experience and expertise spanning international business, science, cosmology, sustainability and wellbeing, Dr Jude Currivan is uniquely placed to provide wide-ranging practical and profound consultation and guidance to leaders and organisations who are ready to undertake authentic and sustainable transformation.

She continues to share her extensive expertise of global economic and financial systems and in-depth research of world events and future socio-economic trends, speaking in the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea of the need, challenge, opportunity and potential means for transformational global change.

Jude is an extremely engaging speaker, with a uniquely empowering perspective based on richly-experienced and multi-layered understanding and is humorously passionate about enabling transformation and positive change in the world. She has an extraordinary gift for communicating complex and ‘big picture’ ideas in an inspiring, easily accessible and eminently practical way.

In addition to talks, seminars and general consultation, she has also developed a dynamic Transforum approach and process to facilitate transformational change within organisations, working alongside either already established teams or previously disparate groups.

An advocate of mindfulness, Jude’s facilitation expands on this discipline to incorporate the three universal principals of mind, heart and purpose into her transformational work.  Values, ethics and integrity also flow through all that she teaches.

Jude’s talks for businesses include:

  • Tools for Transformation
  • In-to-great Your Organisation
  • Future Flow: How to Surf a Shifting World
  • Organisation to Organism: How to Become the Fittest in the Global Ecosystem


Films & Videos

Entitled A Co-creator’s Guide to the Whole-World Parts 1, 2 & 3, the following videos presented by Jude describe the revolutionary new vision of the universe that is reconciling leading edge science, frontier research into consciousness and universal spiritually based wisdom. A universe that is coherent, fundamentally interconnected and meaningful – and crucially where we are the co-creators of our realities.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


“Jude is an electrifying speaker, flowing with knowledge and wisdom. Her enthusiasm and understanding of the importance of the information that she is sharing are at the forefront of her presentation. Jude is one of the first speakers that we have heard who is able to completely integrate her heart and mind center, communicating very complicated concepts in a fashion that enables the audience to understand. We enjoyed her presentation so much that we are inviting her back again to our annual conference.”

 Cameron and Glenn Broughton. Co-Directors Earth Spirit Conferences, Vermont USA

“Jude Currivan brought her Transforum approach into the Wrekin Trust as a tool to bring people together to share ideas and inspirations.  She has a gentle skill for generating a spirit of co-operation and heart-based connection, stimulating a high level of coherence so the group ceases to be a collection of individuals and becomes an organism that knows its purpose, moves into a generative mode of co-creating and pursues its agreed intention. Extremely knowledgeable in the field of business, she can draw on a wide range of topics and ideas. An intuitive and deeply empathic facilitator, she allows all involved to feel sufficiently confident to contribute freely and appropriately.“

Janice Dolley, Wrekin Trust

As a speaker, Jude brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge, personal wisdom, and spiritual experiences that immediately engage the audience to consider the practical applications of such knowledge on the development of human consciousness. Inspiring and enlightening, Jude’s passion, humor and sense of grace help create a space where the mind and heart meet as we explore the frontiers of personal and planetary healing.”

Christine Esdaile, Founder and Director of Evolving Conscious Conferences, Norway

“Jude’s message and personal example of hope and compassionate engagement is especially important and inspiring as we face the converging crises before us. She has a unique ability to help us see beyond the surface level and to deepen our commitment to inner and outer personal, collective and planetary healing.”

 Robin Haines Johnson Co-Founder and CEO of

” Jude has the extraordinary capacity to take something of the greatest magnitude…that which is incomprehensible and with such grace and clarity and ease offer this information in a most comprehensive and real way, helping those of us to gain insight and understanding. Her huge heart opens us to our own capacity to know the unknown. We are all blessed to have Jude here on this Earth sharing her wisdom in a most real way.”

Nicole Hambro Founder and Director Alchemy Centre, London UK

 “Dr Jude Currivan’s regular program In-to-Greation on MySpirit Radio has been compelling and fascinating listening and proved to be an instant success with our listeners. Jude’s knowledge is extensive – she has a PhD in archaeology researching ancient cosmologies and a Masters Degree in Physics specializing in cosmology and quantum theory and was able to ask searching and leading questions of her highly regarded eminent guests. At the same time, Jude is a lovely and warm human being, passionate about healing the planet and each living thing upon it; her care and compassion radiate through each program as well as making scientific knowledge easily accessible and understandable. Above all, she is a fantastic communicator and insightful spiritual teacher – the world needs more people like Jude.”

Suzanne Corbie, Director MySpirit Radio

“I thank Dr Jude for another magnificent experience of her teachings and healing. She embodies the wisdom of the ancients, the marriage of science and spirituality, and the message and experience of heart-centered soul healing. As always, the audience gathered was enthralled with her gift of articulating, with such grace, ease and clarity, cosmological concepts that would otherwise confound most when approached. And the testimonials continue to her facilitating healing shifts in the lives of those who have experienced her work. I thank Dr Jude from my heart to hers.”

 Helen Celestine Escoffier, Founder Star Visions Center, New York, USA


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