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Pioneer of Modern Spirituality & Wellbeing, Holistic Leader


endorphin effect high resDr William Bloom is one of Britain’s leading authors and educators in the mind-body-spirit field. His bestselling books include The Endorphin Effect, Feeling Safe and The Power of Modern Spirituality. He is also founding director of the Spiritual Companions Trust,an educational charity pioneering a practical 21st century approach to spirituality, integrating with education, healthcare and community development.

Born in London, his original career was as a novelist and publisher. He had eight books published, and had been a senior commissioning editor at Macmillan’s by the time he was 25.  This success however felt hollow to him and he took two years spiritual retreat living in the High Atlas Mountains before returning to the UK and education. As a mature student he studied and then taught at the LSE where he also gained his doctorate in political psychology. Simultaneously he worked with special needs adults and teenagers and gained a Cert.Ed. specialising in that field.

He also co-founded and directed the Alternatives Programme of St. James’s Church, London; is a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation, Europe’s leading eco-spirituality centre, and of the College of Teachers. As a researcher and enthusiast in the field he has experienced over 500 different approaches to spiritual and personal development. He therefore brings to his teaching and presentations inclusive and wide terms of reference, yet tempered by a good-humoured sense of discrimination.



William at the UN Oslo Conference

William at the UN Oslo Conference

William has been leading workshops and giving presentations for over thirty years. He is accustomed to small and very large groups. His current programme consists of workshops and courses under the umbrella of the Spiritual Companions Trust; and of presentations and trainings specifically developed for organisations.

At the moment he is rolling out a new training programme called ‘Everyone Cares’ for the St Margaret’s Hospice group in Somerset. He has featured in many radio and television programmes including The Moral Maze, The Soul of Britain and as a judge on The God List. He had the honour of addressing the UN Oslo Conference on Religion and Belief (August 1998) where the Holistic approach to spirituality was given equal status alongside the traditional faiths.

His presentations and workshops include:                                                                                                 

PowerModSpirit_Jacket smallModern Spirituality: An Introduction

The Endorphin Effect: Mind-Body Wellbeing

The Power of Spiritual Practice

The Psychology of Spiritual Development

Strong and Clear: Holistic Leadership

Everyone Cares

Compassion, Mindfulness and Bull****: Does Spirituality Have Anything to Offer Psychotherapy?

Into the Light: Supporting the Transfer of Consciousness at Death

How to Lead and Teach Meditation

Modern Spirituality for Clergy

WmBloom_Small2013@0At the core of William’s work are two fundamental ideas. The first is that it is everyone’s birth-right to feel connected with and experience the wonder and energy of life; and that everyone has their own best way of doing this. Good spiritual education therefore is to help people discover for themselves their own best gateways — circumstances and strategies — for entering into that experience. This connection with the wonder and energy (call it what you will) then fuels your growth and development.

His second core idea is that across all the world’s faiths and traditions there are profoundly useful and practical similarities. This is why so much research demonstrates that people with a spiritual approach to life perform better and are happier.

He summaries these similarities as resting in three crucial aspects:

  • Connection — connect with and experience the wonder and energy of life
  • Reflect — pause and with mindful compassion and intelligence reflect on and guide the development of your heart and consciousness
  • Serve — make sure that your work, relationships, attitude and lifestyle serve others and the community of life



The Endorphin Effect


William at Happiness Festival


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Speaker Testimonials

“It is a pleasure to write to thank you for your contribution to the Silver Jubilee Conference last Friday. Your presentation was received with enthusiasm and gratitude. We have been enjoying the overwhelmingly positive feedback and request for more from many delegates.”

Cancer Care UK

“You have enabled me to take on the most effective, eye-opening training I’ve ever done.”

DE, Senior Civil Service Manager

“Thank you for an inspired and inspirational day. I do hope you also heard the comments of the participants during it. Your skills as a teacher are of the highest calibre (and I speak from much experience and a place of knowing – as teaching was/is my own absolute passion): information clearly given and reiterated for further clarity and memory; the balance between simplicity and profundity; the addition of humour and lightness; and the obvious depth of your spiritual integrity and connection all shine through.”

Martinsey Foundation

“I am writing to say a very big THANK YOU for your stimulating talk and discussion at Cardiff Theosophical Society last night. We all found it extremely interesting and captivating. I was particularly impressed by the attentive silence and the relaxed feeling of well-being that you seemed to conjure up.” Peter Lewis “Really good with some useful tips for personal & work place strategies. The course was a mixture of chilling out, refocusing and revitalising.”

Training Manager, West District Training Satellite, Belfast

“I was really impressed by your courage and leadership when you spoke!”

Dr David Hamilton, author of The Contagious Power of Thinking