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Taoist Master of Tai Chi, Meditation & Eastern Wellbeing Arts


Jason Chan is a Taoist Master and pioneer of Eastern wellbeing arts whose dynamic energy and teachings have transformed and empowered the lives of the thousands of students who have attended his courses, retreats, workshops and demonstrations in the UK, and around the world.


He is a master of martial arts, who received in-depth training in Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and sacred Taoist arts as a child and young adult in Hong Kong. He then brought these ancient teachings to the West where he developed and refined them. He is the creator of Infinite Tai Chi™, Infinite Chi Kung™, Infinite Meditation™, Infinite Chi Yoga™ (a fusion of yoga and Chi Kung), and Ling Chi Healing™. For over 20 years he has dedicated his life to passing on the benefits of his “Infinite Arts” including rejuvenation, vitality, natural health, inner strength and spiritual growth.

Jason is the author of three books, The Radiant Warrior (Hay House) co-authored with Jane Rogers, Seven Principles of Radiant Living, and his latest Infinite Abundance: Becoming a Spiritual Millionaire (also co-authored with Jane Rogers) won the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Award.  He was voted “Most Inspirational Individual“ by readers of the UK’s leading spiritual magazine Kindred Spirit at the publication’s 21st Anniversary Awards (2008), where he was acknowledged for “quietly, with dignity and integrity, working tirelessly to help others find inner peace and balance.”

Radiant-Warrior-ThumbJason’s metier is to energise and uplift people, what he calls ‘Raising Your Vibration’.

“You need strong, vibrant energy to be enthusiastic about life,” he explains, “so you must raise your chi, your energy, and then store the chi you generate in your base and dantien to strengthen your whole being and to preserve your physical vitality. Then, once you can open your heart centre, the chi that you have cultivated can permeate your whole system. Without chi, our jing quickly dissipates, leaving us feeling weak and lifeless. But when you cultivate chi abundance, you will feel full of life, and your body will age a lot less quickly.”



JasonChanspeakerprofileWith a lively spirit of playfulness, Jason has presented his energising and transformative ‘Infinite Arts’ in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Thailand, speaking and delivering seminars and workshops at large conferences, businesses, universities, schools, festivals, and numerous wellbeing and spiritual centres.

Calling on a practical tool kit blending the Eastern wellbeing and healing arts of tai chi and chi kung, martial arts, yoga and meditation, he teaches people how to raise their energy and consciousness, understand their own mind and generate dynamism, vitality and abundance in their lives, enabling them to attain their worldly goals in a stress-free, loving way.


Jason’s wide remit of talks, seminars, workshops and mini retreats that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, include:

De-stress, Re-energise and Rediscover the Joy of Work with Infinite Tai Chi

Practising Infinite Tai Chi for just a few minutes every day is a proven antidote to workplace burnout, re-energising the body, calming the mind and leaving practitioners feeling radiant. Specifically designed for over-busy stressed out westerners, Jason’s gentle, flowing form of tai chi can easily be incorporated into the working day of all types of organisations  – large and small.

Infinite Meditation for Workplace Peace and Harmony

Infinite Meditation is a unique blend of eastern energy practices and modern western mindfulness practices created to help people function in a supremely successful and stress-free way in all areas of our lives. When practised in a group, it enhances team-work and creates a uniquely harmonious workplace.

Radiant Leadership

Discover 10 keys to ‘radiant leadership’, including energy management and mindful creativity. Learn simple Taoist practices to cultivate a radiant energetic presence that will inspire others to reach their highest potential.

Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom (schools & universities)

Traditionally, education is all about learning a received wisdom based on other people’s accumulated knowledge and skills. But what if you already have an inexhaustible supply of higher wisdom deep within your own mind that can be accessed using some simple but profound energy and mind practices?

Infinite Mindfulness Training (schools & universities)

Discover how cultivating mindfulness throughout your day can greatly enhance your ability to concentrate on your studies and to absorb new knowledge and skills with ease.  Jason has inspired and empowered thousands of individuals to reach for the stars and to achieve their absolute highest potential this lifetime.

Raising Your Energy with the Infinite Arts

All human beings are born with a life-giving supply of natural energy or ‘chi’, but over time, unless we take care to replenish our energy, we begin to run low, like a battery running out of juice. In this life-changing workshop, learn how to easily top up your inner energy on a daily basis so you can begin to relish your work once again as you experience the joy of ‘vibrant chi’ flowing through your whole being.


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 Infinite Tai Chi:

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Everything is an energy display (talk & movement)

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Speaker Testimonials

“Jason Chan is an engaging and inspiring speaker whose teaching is infused with spirit, strength and compassion. Our audiences love him and the empowering space he creates.”

Richard Dunkerley, Co-director of Alternatives, St James’s Church, Piccadilly

“We’ve hosted several retreats for Jason Chan over the years – as energy practitioners ourselves it was obvious from the moment we met Jason that he is a true Master of the energy arts, and there aren’t many of those around.  We know – we’ve looked.  It’s impossible not to feel the chi around Jason, so his teaching becomes more ‘transmission’ than instruction.  We would recommend anyone interested in exploring the world of chi to head straight to the luminous door of Jason Chan.”

John & Gaia Parkin, authors of the F**k It books & founders of The Hill That Breathes in Italy

“I have had the pleasure of hosting Jason Chan for a number of events at Naked Dragon. He has built a wonderful connection with our audience through his amazing energy, his wonderful sense of humour and his total belief that it is possible to manifest the life of our dreams; including vibrant health, unlimited energy and a continuous flow of abundance. Jason is a real joy to work with and is always warmly welcomed at Naked Dragon. He is one of those inspiring speakers who walks his talk and his positive energy remains long after he has left the room!”

Julie Bryant – Founder of Naked Dragon Events

“Jason’s three week retreat in Thailand was truly amazing. The experience has been life changing and healing. I am feeling happier, more positive and at peace.”

Nav Parmar

“Reconnection, inner power, spiritual discipline – three phrases to describe the Infinite Retreat I experienced with Jason in Thailand. The daily practices were very strengthening and energising, and filled with laughter . I am transformed, immensely grateful, and inspired to do much more.” 

Dorinda Rose Berry

“I feel still, at great peace. Something deep inside has shifted. It was a wonderful week of connection and inspiration. Feeling deeply grateful.”

Anne Wexelstein,  Charity Director, Scotland


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