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Laughter coach, “Laughing Yogi” & author


Author of acclaimed new laughter therapy book Awakening the Laughing Buddha Within, co-authored with Barefoot Doctor, Joe Hoare is one of the UK’s leading Laughter Yoga therapists, who has dedicated himself to encouraging people to connect with their benign, creative individuality and to perform at their best.

awakening the laughing buddha within1Awakening  the Laughing Buddha Within, complete with experiential exercises, shares Joe’s most powerful tools gathered and fine-tuned over 30 years of facilitating health and wellbeing groups, including those bequeathed to him by internationally renowned “Grandfather of Laughter Yoga”, Dr Madan Kataria of India, founder of laughter clubs international.  Joe also teaches the psychology and physiology of laughter and its effects on the mind, body and emotions.

A charismatic facilitator of courses, workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions, Joe’s regular appearances in the media have included BBC 2’s Don’t Die Young with Dr Alice Roberts, BBC 1’s Inside Out, BBC Radio 2’s Jonny Walker Show and the Sunday Times.

Widely dubbed “The Laughing Yogi”, Joe Hoare’s mission with his Laughter Yoga training is to inspire, motivate and empower people, as he explains:

“I want to help people come alive, be the best they can be, and enjoy the ride. Because this enjoyment is contagious, it gives others permission to enjoy the ride too. It stimulates qualities like connection and kindness, and its ultimate effect is to enhance people’s experience of being alive, for the benefit of all. How great is that?”



mbs 2013website3As a laughter coach, Joe specialises in getting his clients into their creative zone very quickly.

In upbeat, motivating and interactive sessions, he empowers teams and organisations and stimulates engagement, communication and zest for life. He also offers tools for building inner resources calling on cutting edge health, wellbeing and mindfulness techniques.

Joe’s clients have included international blue-chip companies (e.g. Lloyds TSB, Continental Airlines), the media (e.g. The BBC), universities (e.g. Bristol, Dundee), charities and the Healthcare sector (e.g. NHS, Oxfam), and festivals (everything from Cheltenham Science Festival to Glastonbury).  His remit ranges from small teams to large events. Sessions last from five minutes to five days, and each session is tailored to an organisation’s specific requirements.

His previous career was in stress management where he pioneered innovative BMA-approved self-care programmes for GPs, consultants and other health professionals which were widely reported on in general and specialist media.

laughersJoe’s celebrated nls: natural laughter skills sessions encompass laughter yoga, laughter therapy and many other disciplines and are informed by his own life crises and extensive experience, honed over the last 20 years. During this time he has lived and worked in the United States and China.

His facilitation, group-work and leadership skills derive from his career in the forest industry where he specialised in training and education, as well as managing an award-winning, pioneering, multi-objective forest operation.


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Zest for life – nls: natural laughter skills:

Quantum Laughter talk for Ignite Bristol:


Speaker Testimonials:

“Joe is able to capture, reassure and infect a large audience. He transformed us from a group of 130 tired, nervous skeptics to a room full of beaming, open hearted companions. Within minutes of his session opening, the energy levels in the conference hall changed. Bodies relaxed, spirits were lifted and we connected, naturally and simply with the people beside and around us. When the next formal conference session started, we were open, ready, receptive and full of energy and optimism.”

Jane Willis, Director, Willis Newson / Winner of Royal Society for Public Health Arts and Health Award 2010 / Winner of Building Better Healthcare Award for Best Use of Visual Art in Healthcare 2009

“Thank you for your contribution to our team meeting. Our goal to encompass stress relief, team building and fun was certainly achieved. The clever quotes, interactive exercises and the humorous presentation made for a truly memorable event.”

Linda Gullett, Regional Manager, Continental Airlines

“Thanks for the conference at the Victoria Hotel on Friday. I haven’t had so much fun at a conference ever.”

Francis Potts, Delegate at the Healthy Living Initiative


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