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Mindfulness & Meditation Coach, Founder of Positive Meditation 


Having traded in his role as Vice President at EMI Records to explore and learn effective techniques for wellbeing and transformation across the globe, Mark Dunn has developed and honed the best of these, now rapidly emerging as one of the UK’s most dynamic Mindfulness and Meditation coaches.  His ‘Positive Meditation’ talks and workshops are always oversubscribed because he has such a powerful, yet simple message.

markmedOver the last decade, Mark has developed techniques which anyone can use to drastically reduce the amount of stress they have in their lives. Mark’s message is simple:  ‘Stop Worrying!’ He explains how we have been programmed to worry and then teaches us how to stop worrying using simple and easy to understand mindfulness and self-enquiry techniques.

Mark has taken this message into schools, businesses and not for profit organisations with amazing results. If you would like to help your employees, students or co-workers to be less stressed, more creative and generally happier people then invite Mark Dunn to come and speak.

Positive Meditation combines two tried and tested techniques: mindfulness meditation and self-enquiry to form a unique tool proven to bring significant mental and physical health benefits.  The practice of Mindfulness Meditation trains you to relax by listening to your body and not your mind, allowing you to develop a much calmer approach to life; it also helps you start to enjoy the little things more and to react positively to whatever life throws at you.

Self-Enquiry is a practice designed to remove negative thought patterns that can lead to lost sleep, bad moods, damaged relationships, stress and poor health. Through self-enquiry you will learn a powerful ‘STOP’ technique to transform negative emotions into positive thoughts that instantly improve your mood and can also turn into beneficial actions.



MarkDunn1“Despite an outwardly successful life – a senior position in the music industry, the ‘perfect’ family, a beautiful house etc – Mark Dunn had always suffered from a seemingly uncontrollable mind. His inner world was very far from ‘perfect’.

He was constantly worrying, feeling frustrated or unable to make decisions. Guilt also played a major part in his life and he was rarely able to enjoy the present moment. This endless barrage of negative thinking caused mood swings and exhaustion and finally led to the break-up of his marriage.  Shortly afterwards he reached rock bottom. He could no longer live with the constant churning of his worrying mind and realized that he had to find a new way of being.

So he began to search for wisdom and for techniques that could release him from suffering. He left his job in London and, over the ensuing five years worked with yogis, spiritual masters, mindfulness experts and meditation teachers and studied with the wise and liberated in various places around the world.

He then started to develop his own practice, which slowly evolved into Positive Meditation.  As his practice developed, he noticed that friends started coming to him with their own problems and that he was able to help them. The results were so good that he decided to offer Positive Meditation to everyone that wanted to try it. Now, over six years later, many people have benefited from the technique and continue to tell their friends about it. The word is spreading into schools and businesses where Mark’s tools for happiness, health and productivity are increasingly in demand.

Mark’s remit of talks, seminars and workshops includes:

  •  Manage Stress at Work
  • Learn to Relax while you Work
  • Positive Meditation Logo Happiness SkillsChange your Thoughts, Change your Life
  • Learn to Love Yourself
  • The Happiness Technique
  • Manage Exam Stress
  • STOP Worrying, Start NOW



“I can’t recommend Mark’s work highly enough. In just one session I completely transformed how I was in the most negative relationship in my life. It’s like sitting with someone who guides you to put your head on the right way round. Well worth a try.”

Caroline Pringle, CEO, Transform

“Mark’s Positive Meditation techniques have helped me to be much happier. Being present and living in the moment is an attainable goal and he has taught me techniques that help to achieve this.”

Andy Robb, Owner/MD, Anthony James & Co

Positive Meditation has been a revelation. To question everything, to understand how much we unnecessarily take upon ourselves, to see how things really make you feel inside, to feel calm.  Now I know what to do and how to do it and I haven’t been happier.  I can’t thank Mark enough and would recommend the combination of questioning your beliefs and finding space for mindfulness to anyone who needs a bit of a guiding hand through life’s ups and downs.”      

Annette Alcock, Deputy Managing Director, NHS Trust



To book Mark Dunn or for further information contact
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