SATISH KUMAR ON BRISTOL’S GREATEST GREEN LEGACY: “Bristol Pound – an inspirational local currency model”, September 2015.

SATISH KUMAR AT THE FUTURE NOW CONFERENCE: Satish presents his talk ‘Sacred Nature’, November 2014.

PETER OWEN JONES AT THE FUTURE NOW CONFERENCE: Peter presents his talk ‘The New Humanity’, November 2014.

TIM FREKE AT THE FUTURE NOW CONFERENCE: Tim presents his new talk ‘Love is a Political Act’, November 2014.

JOE HOARE AT THE FUTURE NOW CONFERENCE: ‘Laughing Yogi’ Joe presents his talk ‘It’s Time to Take Laughter Seriously’, November 2014.

QUEST OF AN EXTREME PILGRIM: Will Gethin interviews Peter Owen Jones, maverick 21st century priest, about his fascinating spiritual explorations across the globe. Filmed by Life Arts Media at Quest Festival 2013, in collaboration with Conscious Frontiers.

JAMIE CATTO – TRANSFORMING THE SHADOWS: UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS. In this film, music-film maestro Jamie Catto (Faithless / 1 Giant Leap) shares fun and playful techniques for embracing your vulnerability and igniting deep wellsprings of creativity.

SATISH KUMAR – SOIL, SOUL & SOCIETY: This extract is taken from ‘Earth Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar’s recent talk for the Conscious Frontiers programme at Sunrise Festival, sharing his vision for a better world.

CONSCIOUS FRONTIERS AT SUNRISE FESTIVAL: This film introduces the new Conscious Frontiers Events programme which launched at Sunrise Celebration Festival in June 2012, featuring an eclectic array of holistic pioneers, authors, musicians, film makers and poets.