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Meditation & Mind Calm Pioneer

MindCalmSandy C. Newbigging is a leading expert in coaching, therapy and meditation. He is the no.1 best-selling author of five books including Heal the Hidden Cause (Findhorn Press, 2012) and Mind Calm (Hay House, 2014).  He is also the multi-award-winning trainer and creator of the Mind Detox therapy and Mind Calm meditation techniques, which are used in 15+ countries.

Sandy is a columnist for Holistic Therapist Magazine and Om Yoga, his work has been featured in 30+ countries on channels including Discovery Health and he’s been interviewed by numerous radio stations across the UK and USA.

Having meditated for thousands of hours and worked with over a thousand Mind Detox therapy and Mind Calm meditation clients, he speaks from a unique depth of personal experience and understanding of the human psyche and how to overcome problems to enjoy inner peace and external performance. Known for his down-to-earth, humorous speaking style that connects with his audiences, he speaks true clarity and a passion.



SandyNBspeakerprofileWorking with Sandy can increase your organisations’s profits by improving performance, better decision making, enhanced creativity and by building better relationships within your organisation and with your customers.  Sandy can also save you money by reducing the amount of days people are off on paid-sick-leave with stress related illnesses, by lowering the occurrences of costly mistakes and by keeping your employees happier, more focused and loyal so that they don’t just want to stay, but are inspired to do their jobs better year on year.

Using a range of leading-edge techniques that bring about Mind Mastery, Sandy will help get these big benefits by increasing what he calls ‘Present Moment Performance (PMP).  PMP is what your organisation needs to be successful.  You need every person to be performing at their best, with a clear head, focused attention, positive mindset and in a stress-free state.  If teams lack these inner foundations for success, business suffers.

You know how much more effective you are when you can think straight.  Your organisation will deliver at a far superior standard if employees are not fighting ageists physical burnout or mental congestion and fatigue.  Sandy offers one-to-one coaching for key team members and group trainings that share the principles and techniques for enjoying business success through mind mastery.


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Speaker Testimonials

“Sandy is one of the best meditation teachers around.”


“Sandy is pioneering mind-body detox.”


 “Sandy is one of the most effective meditation and holistic therapists of the decade.”


“Sandy helps us to stop suffering from our own psychology.”

Robert Holden PhD, as seen on Oprah

“Sandy shares ancient wisdom translated into modern, practical tools for inner calm.”  

Suzy Greaves, Editor of Psychologies Magazine



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