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Chartered Psychologist, Leadership & Dialogue Consultant


Warm, attentive and articulate with a strong ability to connect with people, Sarah Rozenthuler is a presenter with a distinctive difference. With her diverse background of leading seminars in the business world, working with global thought leaders and pulling crowds for street circus shows, she has a proven track record of engaging, entertaining and educating people.

LifeChangingConvoA chartered psychologist, Sarah has more than 15 years experience working as an international consultant to global organizations such as the World Bank and BP across Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. Author of Life-Changing Conversations: 7 Strategies for Talking About What Matters Most (published by Watkins 2012), she is currently writing a second book about life enriching relationships.

Sarah’s dialogue work has been featured in the national press, including in the Financial Times, Daily Mail and Daily Express, and in magazines such as Marie Claire, Easy Living and Psychologies. Her numerous media appearances include the BBC World Service, BBC Radio Five Live and BBC Radio 4.



SarahR2Sarah’s areas of expertise include leadership development, dialogue and communication, collaborative working, relationship building and team building. She has worked with CEOs and their teams, networks of NGOs and the UK’s leading well-being events organisers.

She assists organisations to create transformative change through dialogue, equipping individuals and teams to engage in powerful conversations about what matters most. Transforming the nature of conversations in organisations, Sarah has facilitated major  performance breakthroughs.

Sarah’s dialogue skills are increasingly used in organisations to help build trust and cohesiveness in teams. Assisting people to engage in more substantive conversations, she supports organisations to attain higher levels of wellbeing, happiness and performance.

Sarah has given presentations, led seminars and designed workshops for the following organisations:

  • Alternatives
  • American Express
  • Atkins
  • BP
  • British Psychological Society
  • Cabinet Office
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Civil Service Live Conference
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Findhorn Foundation
  • Inspired Entrepreneurs
  • Mortgage and Finance Association Australia
  • Twinings
  • Virgin Media
  • Unilever
  • US Forest Service
  • World Bank


 Films & Videos

Life Changing Conversations – Coaching with Sarah:

Sarah talks about her book Life Changing Conversations:



“Sarah Rozenthuler is a very clear and concise speaker who provides her audience with useful tools they can take away to create change in their lives. She enables people to step beyond their comfort zone into a new version of themselves whilst being a very skilful, insightful and inclusive facilitator of the group. Sarah is one of the best speakers I have ever seen and I highly recommend her work.”

Dr Dorte Rich Jørgensen, Principal Sustainability Engineer, Atkins / Royal Academy of Engineering sponsored Visiting Professor at Heriot-Watt University

“Sarah is masterful at the art of gentle persuasion, and in enabling you to unearth your own strengths and weaknesses by, among other things, encouraging reflections on your own conversations, and in bringing up relevant issues just at the right time.  She is a very skilled communicator, and has totally mastered the art of listening – a critical ingredient in communication.  I have found our regular conversations extremely useful in setting objectives for myself, as well as in judging my progress on those.  I would strongly recommend her in the role of a coach and meeting facilitator.” 

Sanjay Kathuria, Lead Economist, South Asia Region, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

“Sarah is great to work with. She is a gifted listener with deep knowledge and expertise in leadership, communication and team-building. Sarah was the facilitator at our Global HR workshop and inspired the group by bringing the dialogue alive. She has also undertaken ‘complex’ coaching assignments and has been a ‘thinking partner’ on the design of our global leadership workshop.”  

Simon Brocket, International HR Director, Twinings Ovaltine

“Of all the people in the world who are sharing the messages of Conversations with God with others, no one knows the material better or imparts it with more wisdom, insight, or gentle grace than my dear friend Sarah Rozenthuler. Her precious work with people, both individually and in groups, offers a wonderful opportunity for help and healing during times of change and challenge. I know of no one more effective in assisting others in quickly expanding awareness and effectiveness beyond previously imagined limits.”

 Neale Donald Walsch, international bestselling author

“I invited Sarah to speak to my Inspired Entrepreneur community to launch her first book Life Changing Conversations and we also co-presented a workshop. Our community loved Sarah and her presentation and how she kept them engaged. They enjoyed participating in their own self-enquiries. Personally, I have always found Sarah a delight to work with and value her friendship as well as her professionalism.”

Nick Williams, best-selling author of eight books including The Work We Were Born To Do, co-founder of the Inspired Entrepreneur Community, and previously director and trustee of Alternatives at Saint James’s



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