PR & Communications Clients

“Conscious Frontiers has generated exceptional publicity for our crime prevention charity Key4Life, including extensive TV and radio coverage (national and local), and well over 150 press articles, encompassing broadsheets, tabloids and online publications. As CEO, I have found Will Gethin to be extremely professional on many levels. He always meets deadlines, writes excellent copy, delivers with flair, and goes the extra mile to attain maximum results for the charity.”
Eva Hamilton MBE, Founder & CEO of Key4Life

Will Gethin of Conscious Frontiers has worked for myself and The Resurgence Trust to provide PR on a number of occasions, and he did a fantastic job organising the PR for Resurgence’s 50th anniversary events. My colleagues and I were delighted with his work and the quality and breadth of press coverage which included some excellent national media hits. Will is well connected, diligent and hardworking. I was very impressed by his efficiency and I can recommend him wholeheartedly.
Satish Kumar – Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine

Will Gethin is a total PR wizard. Conscious Frontiers propelled our MEGALITH stone circles compendium into the front line of midsummer madness.  Reviews quickly appeared in a diverse spread of magazines and newspapers, including a brilliant article by The Daily Telegraph’s science editor which went viral as THE summer solstice story of the year, appearing in newspapers and on news websites all over the world, and in several different languages. We sold a third of the print run in two weeks, peaking at a 150th ranking on Amazon.co.uk, where we were outselling J K Rowling (for a day). It was a delight to watch Will at work, and we will be using Conscious Frontiers again in the future, for the huge sensitivity, professionalism and expertise they bring to your project.
John Martineau -Publisher & Editor, Wooden Books

Leading on PR and developing our key partnerships, Will Gethin’s work has been completely pivotal to the success of The Tree Conference and in delivering its vision.  Through deep listening and attention to detail with all our speakers, partner organisations and team, he has skilfully articulated their research and secured them the high level national, local and broadcast media recognition they deserve.  And his innovative partnership development strategy has been highly effective for accessing deep reach into networks. It’s a real pleasure to work with Will and our event would be impossible without him.
Suzi Martineau, Founder & Organiser of The Tree Conference

Will has provided excellent PR support for us, especially in editing and placing our articles in a wide range of business publications. He grasps the brief and content quickly, is very well connected, works hard to deliver great value, and – at a more personal level – is a pleasure to work with.
Edward Rowland – Founding Director, The Whole Partnership 

Will Gethin and Conscious Frontiers did an excellent job with PR for my novel War God: Nights of the Witch, working alongside the publisher, Hodder & Stoughton. Will is highly effective and creative and I really appreciated his good heart and willing spirit. I enormously look forward to working with Conscious Frontiers regularly in the future.
Graham Hancock – bestselling author and investigator of ancient mysteries

Will Gethin has been wonderfully effective and efficient in the PR work he has done for me and my projects. He is also a friendly and supportive colleague. I am grateful. I will work with him again and totally recommend him.
Dr William Bloom – Founding Director, The Spiritual Companions Trust

Will Gethin of Conscious Frontiers has delivered outstanding copywriting services and PR advisory for our Media Campaign clients at Brand Heroes Academy, working across a variety of our social change campaigns, such as the Unity Concert in support of the Great Sioux Nation in South Dakota USA, and the Natural Business Adventures in collaboration with the White Lion Trust in South Africa. Our clients enjoy working with Will as much as we do, as his warm-hearted personality, passionate engagement in social causes and high level professionalism are rare to come by.  He has the ability to portray our clients’ visions and fundraising objectives with storytelling impact that creates real results. He captures the very essence of our clients’ personal or organisational brand with the ability to distil complex content into accessible and highly marketable messages for websites, social media platforms or media campaigns.
Christiane Pedros – CEO and Founder, Brand Heroes Academy 

I retained Will Gethin’s PR, copywriting and marketing services for the Isbourne Holistic Centre and for two other charities, IT Schools Africa and the Makhad Trust for several years. Not only has Will’s work been excellent, he has also proved himself most trustworthy and so I hold him in high esteem. For the Isbourne Holistic Centre, Will using his communication skills created and developed a Guest Speaker programme bringing top holistic authors and presenters to Cheltenham. The success of this programme has substantially raised the Centre’s profile and made a major contribution to creating “positive lives” in the region. Likewise, Will’s PR work for IT Schools Africa and the Makhad Trust were instrumental in generating both awareness and success for the charities. I would not hesitate to recommend Will’s company, Conscious Frontiers.
Michael Ratcliffe – Chairman of Isbourne Holistic Centre, IT Schools Africa and the Makhad Trust

Will Gethin was both thorough and competent in networking and inspiring media coverage to promote workshops and lectures for us in the West Country. He also managed our events in all respects. I’d certainly work with him again.
Patrick Holford – nutrition author and lecturer

Will Gethin did a very good job with Afrika Eye film festival’s publicity especially last year, bringing record media coverage and also making a valuable contribution to developing our social media activity.  Last year’s big rise in attendance figures for the festival owes much to Will’s PR skills and his passion, commitment and hard work.  He produced some effective press material and really delivered the goods with the media – this year’s coverage included local BBC TV, Radio 4’s Saturday Live, the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Independent and a punchy spread of online articles.
Simon Bright – Co-Director, Afrika Eye Film Festival

Will Gethin brought a new level of professionalism to our marketing and press, showing us just how diversely we can have a presence in the media and he worked tirelessly to make our event the success that it was. We have gained a lot from working with him.
Deasy Bamford – Co-Founder/Director, Tribe of Doris 

I was delighted with the high levels of publicity Will achieved to promote my ‘comedy drugs show’ when in collaboration with the Comedy Store I was preparing to take it to schools and universities UK-wide to help combat the use of drugs among young people. Media coverage included interviews on BBC TV Breakfast News, Sky TV News and Radio 4 Midweek and features in the Guardian, the Evening Standard and on ITV’s London Tonight. Will was quite simply the best PR I have ever used.
Mike Gunn – Comedian

Will Gethin orchestrated a highly successful joint PR event for IT Schools Africa and an African based charity I am involved with called ASAP which supports Aids orphans in South Africa.  Will organised for some visiting ASAP orphans to have computer lessons at Winchcombe School followed by presentations by both charities at Sudeley Castle and the press photocall he engineered for this generated a highly impressive and extensive list of media coverage which included two TV news pieces on ITV Central and BBC Midlands. On a separate note, I also commissioned Will to undertake a market research project on behalf of Sudeley Castle analysing the viability of the holistic business market and the report he produced for this was very professional and insightful, demonstrating his considerable knowledge of and breadth of experience in this field.
Lady Ashcombe – Owner of Sudeley Castle / former Chairman of ASAP

The British School of Meditation was established in 2011 to train meditation teachers. As a brand new venture we needed to attract publicity and invited Will to do our PR for us. We are absolutely delighted with the interest he has helped us to generate in the course.  Will helped us raise our profile with lots of articles, coverage and interviews across mainstream press and radio as well as targeted natural health, ethical and MBS magazines and journals. As a result of the media exposure we have filled the first course and the second course is already half full. We are truly grateful to Will for all the hard work and commitment he has shown in helping make the British School of Meditation a success.
Mary Pearson and Helen Galpin, British School of Meditation


I have been on the receiving end of Will’s excellent publicity endeavours for 20 years, since his days in London PR agencies.  He is a brilliant PR – thoroughly professional, creative, engaging, a formidable writer – and having worked on the other side of the fence as a journalist he has a great understanding of the media and its needs and knows how to present a story and make it work.   He has great integrity and I would highly recommend him.
Mick Brown – Senior Features Writer, Telegraph Magazine

Will Gethin is one of the brightest PRs in the business that I have dealt with, combining infectious enthusiasm and boundless charm with a canny knack for ‘selling’ the story.
David Hayles – Features Writer, The Times

Will has consistently offered me interesting, creative feature ideas, and clearly understands what’s required from a journalist’s perspective for a story to work. He also has the important ability to sense when it’s right to offer help when you’re researching a story and when to leave you alone to get on with your interview; this is probably the most important quality a PR can have and is rarer than you might think.
Louise Tickle – Freelance Features Writer, The Guardian

A PR with a journalist’s mind, Will is adept at anticipating how a story will work for individual publications and savvy at knowing how – and when – to pitch. His ideas are smartly communicated in neat press releases that come with hard angles, delivered in an intelligent, friendly manner, making Will a pretty unique and distinctly pleasant PR to work with.
Sarah Barrell – Associate Editor, National Geographic Traveller (UK)

Will Gethin contributed to the Tatler travel pages for several years, writing features on such areas as Mongolia, Ladakh and the Arctic.  He is a lovely person to work with, sincere, gentle, and committed.  He takes his work seriously. He delivers with flair.  He’s always been a pleasure to work with.
Melinda Stevens – Travel Editor, Tatler magazine (now Editor, Condenast Traveller)

Will is thoroughly professional, yet highly approachable and fosters good relations with the editors on the publications he approaches.  He’s a skilled writer and targets well-crafted press releases to the relevant person within a publication. He always has a creative story hook to offer and a selection of good quality, high res images to support the story.  As a journalist, he has also written a variety of interesting articles for Kindred Spirit over the years covering travel, holistic exploration, retreats, conscious festivals and featured interviews, which have been well received by our readers.
Claire Gillman – Co-Editor, Kindred Spirit


“FutureNow was the best conference I have ever been to.”
Peter Owen Jones

“Our future is green and the FutureNow conference was a wonderful event to remind people that unless we bring ecology and spirituality together, there is no future.”
Satish Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of Resurgence & Ecologist   

Will is a calm, competent, steady presence who makes doing an event easy, enjoyable and rewarding – he does what he says and says what he does and makes things work.  He knows how to promote and fill an event, he writes a great press release and markets the whole thing elegantly. I vouch for him.
Barefoot Doctor

Will Gethin produced an excellent event for me at the Isbourne, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with him.
Byron Katie – spiritual teacher, founder of The Work and bestselling author of Loving What Is

Will devised an inspirational speaker programme around consciousness issues for the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham and aided by his indubitable PR skills, really helped put the centre on the map.  I was delighted when he invited me to speak for the programme, he was an excellent host and the event was very well attended. 
Graham Hancock – bestselling author and investigator of ancient mysteries

It was a real pleasure to work with Will. He was professional, careful and welcoming. I would be very happy to work with him anytime again.
Dr William Bloom – author and educator, Director the Spiritual Companions Trust and Foundation for Holistic Spirituality

Will has done a fantastic job with marketing and PR for the Isbourne Holistic Centre, as well as bringing in top quality authors/speakers and building strong relationships with Hay House and other publishers.  The audience numbers are always very high for my events at the Isbourne, I’ve been there more than any other centre, and Will has always been an extremely warm, attentive, charismatic and highly professional host.
Dr David Hamilton – scientist and author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body and Why Kindness is Good for You

As a speaker at the Isbourne Holistic Centre I have been taken care of by Will Gethin on a number of occasions and it has always been a great experience. Will is thoughtful, efficient, creative and good fun.  I couldn’t ask for more.
Tim Freke – author of How Long Is Now? and The Mystery Experience

In all my talks and workshops at the Isbourne Centre, Will has been wonderfully helpful, supportive and efficient and helped make my events there enormously enjoyable. I’m sure that Will’s great integrity, experience and skills will make Conscious Frontiers a deservedly huge success.
Dr Jude Currivan cosmologist, healer and author of The 8th Chakra and HOPE.