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21st century sage, stand up philosopher & bestselling author

Hip, deep and hugely entertaining, Tim Freke – The Stand Up Philosopher – is a contemporary life commentator and leading authority on world spirituality.

He is the author of over thirty books translated into 15 different languages, including a top ten international bestseller and Daily Telegraph ‘Book of the Year’, which have established his reputation as a scholar and free-thinker. Tim is celebrated for his unique ability to convey complex spiritual teachings in an accessible, fun and user friendly way, made relevant to modern daily life. His mission is to bring deep spirituality into mainstream culture to help people become enlivened, connected, empowered and in love with life.  

timfrekenewprofileExploring leading edge science and mysticism and the interchange between the two, Tim’s latest book and Magnus Opus, The Mystery Experience, is a phenomenally wise and fresh approach to spiritual awakening which he calls “waking up to the WOW” of life. The book lucidly encapsulates his considerable understanding of humanity borne from 40 years intensive study of spirituality. Tim has applied the wisdom of The Mystery Experience to create leading edge, transformational “I SEE U” seminars for businesses and other organisations as a powerful way to connect. In this ground-breaking seminar, he explores how time honoured spiritual techniques can be applied to bring new levels of energy, confidence and innovation into modern work and educational environments. Tim is a passionate and playful communicator with a contagious enthusiasm for life who has been widely featured in documentaries and interviewed by the global media, including BBC TV and The History Channel. He is also well known for his groundbreaking books on Christian Gnosticism co-authored with Peter Gandy, including international bestseller, The Jesus Mysteries.



Corporate picTim has presented his inspirational ‘stand up philosophy’ shows and transformational I SEE U seminars in the USA, UK, Japan, South African, South America, and throughout Europe, speaking at large business conferences, small elite CEO groups, business schools, scientific conferences, spiritual gatherings, music festivals, universities and inspirational groups. In his books Lucid Living, How Long Is Now? and The Mystery Experience Tim has pioneered a 21st century approach to exploring how ancient contemplative practices can “wake you up to the WOW” rendering a super-conscious, empathetic, highly creative experience of life accessible to all.

Tim’s I SEE U seminar offers a cutting-edge experience of direct connection, which enriches and enlivens interpersonal communication and creative cooperation. It is a wake up call to bring all that we are to the challenges and opportunities we face, to work effectively by engaging playfully, and to make conscious choices and better decisions.


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The Mystery Experience:

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Speaker Testimonials:

“Tim Freke’s message is profound, fresh, and universal! Our annual beauty industry conference is intended to expose participants to the most current thinking, ideas, and people of the time. In keeping with our philosophy that all business development is sourced in personal development, Tim’s presentation connects each of us and all of us to a higher order thinking that gives work and our roles a deeper, wider meaning. Our 1300 participants left inspired to reach their full potential, motivated to take action, to think and behave with mindfulness that goes beyond the typical motivational message presented by the majority of speakers. Truly speaking to our individual and collective desire to live our lives with authentic purpose!”

Debra Neill Baker, Neill Corporation /Aveda

“Tim Freke is a unique voice in contemporary spiritual teaching. He is a hugely entertaining twenty-first century street-wise commentator. At the same time he has a deep understanding of human spirituality and is one of the most well-versed scholars of the world’s religions.”            

William Bloom, author of The Power of Modern Spirituality

“Tim Freke’s work is an open door inviting one and all into the Mystery.” Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now “Thank you Tim, for being a pioneer, a guide, and a teacher par excellence.”

Ed and Deb Shapiro, authors of Be The Change


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