Conscious Frontiers

Founded by experienced communications expert and journalist Will Gethin, Conscious Frontiers has been flying the flag for a fairer, greener, healthier and happier world since its inception in 2012.

As a PR & Communications platform, the agency elevates the work of purposeful organisations, visionary leaders and changemakers engaged in propelling the new consciousness across the environmental, social justice, holistic, business, intercultural and arts sectors. (For a list of services, see Communications).

Conscious Frontiers also offers mentoring, events and a podcast applying mythologist Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ template for transformative storytelling as a map to help people live meaningful, enlivened and benevolent lives (see Hero’s Journey and podcast).

Conscious Frontiers founder, Will Gethin, has 18 years’ PR and marketing experience and brings an in-depth understanding of the sectors he operates in. Current and recent Communications clients include the UK’s flagship green magazine Resurgence & Ecologist, TreeSisters, The Tree Conference, Key4Life, British School of Meditation, The Whole Partnership, BridgeworkHazel Hill Wood, Tribe of Doris, Black Hills Unity Conference (USA), and authors Satish Kumar, Graham Hancock, Sarah Rozenthuler, Peter Owen Jones and William Bloom.

A virtual business, operating out of the vibrant Red Brick Building community enterprise hub near Glastonbury, Conscious Frontiers calls on a network of experienced communications specialists to meet specific client needs.  With low overheads, the company is able to offer highly competitive rates compared to larger agencies and senior level expertise and experience so vital to attaining results and maximising communications budgets.

Conscious Frontiers can give voice to your vision, raise your profile, attract new business and support your contribution to the positive evolution of our planet.

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