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In association with Conscious Frontiers, the Follow Your Blissters podcast, hosted by Will Gethin, explores The Hero’s Journey as a map for living and transformation.  

In bi-weekly episodes, Will interviews visionaries, thought leaders, spiritual teachers, environmentalists, activists, writers, artists, and extraordinary everyday people, about their experience of living out The Hero’s Journey – or Heroine’s Journey – in their lives.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell, who created The Hero’s Journey, was also famous for his mantra for living ‘Follow your Bliss’. He later updated it to ‘Follow Your Blisters’ acknowledging that when you truly follow your authentic calling you’ll inevitably meet considerable challenges and it’s through life’s challenges that we get to overcome our fears and grow. Real bliss tends to be hard-won, all the greater for any endurances borne along the way.

Sharing the inspirational human journeys of maverick modern pilgrims, the Follow Your Blissters podcast aims to inspire and guide people to find their true calling and follow it, navigate any challenges arising, and share the best of their evolving skills, wisdom and experience for the benefit of their communities.

Huge thanks to:

Ikey Morland – editing / recording

Michael Tyak – intro/outro music


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About Will Gethin

Founder of Conscious Frontiers, Will provides a platform for purposeful organisations and changemakers to transmit their positive messages out into the world.

Having powerfully experienced the stages of the Hero’s Journey in his own life – with all its trials, tribulations and hidden treasures – Will leads Hero’s Journey workshops and retreats, sharing his experience of this transformative process to support others to move forward in their lives.

As a travel writer and holistic explorer writing for leading magazines and newspapers, he has widely explored the spiritual underbelly of India, travelled through many edge-of-the-world frontiers, including Mongolia, Ladakh, The Sinai, arctic Lapland and the high Andes of Peru, and interviewed many renowned spiritual teachers, including Byron Katie, Mooji, Peter Owen Jones and Dr Masaru Emoto.  

He hosted and co-organised the acclaimed ‘FutureNow’ spiritual ecology conference in Bristol (2014) which explored solutions for sustaining the Earth and our future, and has hosted over a 100 leading new consciousness pioneers for talks and workshops. He also helped organise and walked the two-week ‘Road to Peace’ Pilgrimage from London to Glastonbury in 2015 without spending any money to promote the Dalai Lama’s message of peace. He is a qualified meditation teacher.