In association with Conscious Frontiers, the Follow Your Blissters podcast, hosted by Will Gethin, explores the personal journeys of trailblazing thought leaders and changemakers through the lens of The Hero’s Journey.

Guests to date, spanning two series, have included Dan Millman, author of the cult classic The Way of the Spiritual Warrior; Maureen Murdoch, author of The Heroine’s Journey; Liam Meredith, a radically transformed former convict and drug addict who recently featured on Channel Four’s Banged Up series; and celebrated environmental and peace activist, Satish Kumar.

Created by mythologist Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey is a template or map that describes an ancient, archetypal pattern for myths, fairy tales and stories, which has been applied to modern films, and which we can all use to guide and make sense of our own lives.

Thomas Moore, psychotherapist and author of the New York Times bestseller Care of the Soul, whose story was featured in Series 1 of the podcast, says: “I do many interviews about my books, and I must say that Will Gethin’s podcast interview was among the best. I like his concept: to go deep into the lives and thoughts of culture leaders to see how their own lives take the form of The Hero’s Journey. I was surprised what I discovered under Will’s patient and intelligent guidance. It takes a special talent to conduct a truly probing and revealing interview. Obviously, Will has that talent and intelligence.”

Joseph Campbell was also famous for his mantra for living “Follow your Bliss”. He later updated it to “Follow Your Blisters” acknowledging that when you truly follow your authentic calling you’ll inevitably meet considerable challenges and it’s through life’s challenges that we get to overcome our fears and grow. Real bliss tends to be hard-won, all the greater for any endurances borne along the way.

Sharing the inspirational human journeys of maverick modern pilgrims, the Follow Your Blissters podcast offers a stimulating resource to inspire and guide you to find your true calling and follow it, navigate any challenges arising, and share the best of your evolving skills, wisdom and experience for the benefit of your community or the wider world.

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Special Episode

Friday 29th March, 2024
Mick Brown – The Nirvana Express

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In this episode I talk with Mick Brown, an award-winning journalist and author of several books, including The Spiritual Tourist, The Dance of 17 Lives, and his new magnus opus – The Nirvana Express: How the Search for Enlightenment Went West.     

In this conversation, we explore Mick’s extraordinary encounters with gurus, mystics, tricksters and multifarious seekers on the highways and backroads of spiritual tourism; his investigations into the mysteries of Tibet’s reincarnating lamas; and his rare insights into the colourful cast of sages, writers, rock stars, fraudsters and psychedelic emissaries that brought Indian spirituality to the West.   

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Special Episode

Wednesday 29th November, 2023
Serge Beddington-Behrens – The Buddha of Pall Mall

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The guest for this special episode is Serge Beddington-Behrens, a maverick transpersonal psychotherapist, spiritual educator and author, whose books include Awakening the Universal Heart, Gateways to the Soul, and his captivating new memoir, Amazing Grace.

In this conversation – echoing the mythic tale of the Buddha – we explore Serge’s extraordinary journey from pampered half prince – raised in the lap of luxury on London’s Pall Mal – through to his emergence, after many trials and wanderings, as a teacher of transformation, activist and aristocrat of the soul, dedicated to supporting the flourishing of humanity.

Series 2 Episodes

Wednesday 16th November, 2022
Episode 6: Liam Meredith – The Outlaw’s Journey

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This episode explores the astonishing tale of redemption of Liam Meredith, a former convict and drug addict, who having radically transformed his own life, now supports other ex-offenders to move away from crime and rebuild their lives.

In this conversation, Liam candidly shares his journey from broken home beginnings, to addiction and drug dealing, through imprisonment and healing with horses, and onwards to his emergence as the inspired entrepreneur, rap artist and mentor to other ex-offenders he is today. For the first time on Follow Your Blissters, this special episode is available to watch in full on video on Spotify and YouTube as well as via audio on all the other usual podcasting channels. I hope you’ll be touched and uplifted by Liam’s extraordinary story.

Wednesday 12th October, 2022
Episode 5: Dr Chris Johnstone – The Changemaker’s Journey

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In this episode I talk with Dr Chris Johnstone, a pioneering resilience trainer, social and environmental activist and founder of College of Wellbeing.  His books include Find Your PowerSeven Ways to Build Resilience, and Active Hope: how to face the mess we’re in with unexpected resilience and creative power, co-authored with Joanna Macy.

In this conversation we explore Chris’s journey from burnt out and depressed junior hospital doctor, to a wake up call car crash which triggered him to train as a facilitator of deeply transformative experiences, ultimately leading to his emergence as the empowered activist, author and changemaker he is today, making a valuable contribution to the wellbeing of people and planet. 

Wednesday 14th September, 2022
Episode 4: Cali White – I Am Witch

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The guest for this episode is Cali White, a psychotherapist, ancestral healer and spiritual activist whose work is dedicated to understanding the historical impact of the European Witch Hunts (1450-1750) on our psychology, and healing the intergenerational trauma inherited from those so called ‘Burning Times’.

In this conversation, Cali shares her remarkable year-long pilgrimage across the UK, exploring the ancient roots, history, myths and landscapes of Britain and calling ceremonies with women to honour those who were persecuted as witches during the Burning Times – this the catalyst for the groundbreaking I Am Witch exhibition (coming next to Bristol in Spring 2023) which highlights how inherited trauma from the European Witch Hunts still affects us today and how we can heal it.

Wednesday 17th August, 2022
Episode 3: Maureen Murdock – The Heroine’s Journey

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The guest for this episode is Maureen Murdock, a Jungian psychotherapist, photographer and author of the ground-breaking bestseller The Heroine’s Journey and other books, whose work explores the mysteries of the psyche, a fascination with mythology and a love of storytelling and memoir writing.

In this episode, Maureen introduces her heroine’s journey model, which she created to better represent the psycho-spiritual development of women she felt was overlooked by Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey framework.  She also explores her own lived experience of travelling through the 10 stages of The Heroine’s Journey, including her mythic journey of descent to the underworld.

Wednesday 13th July, 2022
Episode 2: Tahir Shah – The Intrepid Writer’s Journey

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The guest for this episode is Tahir Shah, the writer, filmmaker and insatiable adventurer, whose 50 plus books include The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Trail of Feathers, In Search of King Solomon’s Mines and In Arabian Nights.

The lively conversation explore some of Tahir’s outlandish travel quests in search of the hidden underbellies of lands through which he journeys, including India, Africa and Peru, as well as his pursuit of freedom as a writer, blazing a trail for other writers to follow. Also discussed is his vision for The Scheherazade Foundation, which he recently co-founded with his daughter Ariane to empower women, bridge cultures and harness the teaching the power of stories.

Wednesday 15th June, 2022
Episode 1: Dan Millman – Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit

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The guest for this launch episode of Series 2, is Dan Millman, legendary teacher of the Peaceful Warrior’s Way and author of the cult spiritual classic The Way of the Peaceful Warrior – later screened as the film Peaceful Warrior – and 17 other books which have inspired millions of readers worldwide.

In this episode we explore the extraordinary experiences, wake up calls and life lessons that shaped Dan’s evolution from childhood dreamer to world-class athlete to international spiritual teacher and bestselling author, as recounted in his new memoir Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit, which unveils the real-life journey of the man behind the Peaceful Warrior legend. 

Series 1 Episodes

In bi-weekly episodes for Series 1 of Follow Your Blissters during Summer 2021, Will Gethin interviewed ‘peace pilgrim’ Satish Kumar, ‘corporate busker’ Sarah Rozenthuler, Dark Nights of the Soul author Thomas Moore, ‘deep life explorer’ Tim Freke, holistic educator William Bloom, and social change pioneer Eva Hamilton MBE, about their experiences of living out The Hero’s Journey – or Heroine’s Journey – in their lives.

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Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where before there were only walls”

Joseph Campbell

Follow Your Bliss…or Follow Your Blisters?

In the following video and article, Will Gethin reflects on Joseph Campbell’s mantra for living, “Follow Your Bliss”, and why he later updated it to “Follow Your Blisters”.