In association with Conscious Frontiers, the Follow Your Blissters podcast, hosted by Will Gethin, explores the personal journeys of trailblazing thought leaders and changemakers through the lens of The Hero’s Journey.

Running monthly episodes on Wednesdays, Series 2 of Follow Your Blissters launched on 15 June 2022 with a conversation with Dan Millman, author of the cult classic The Way of the Spiritual Warrior (the. episode is available below).

Created by mythologist Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey is a template or map that describes an ancient, archetypal pattern for myths, fairy tales and stories, which has been applied to modern films, and which we can all use to guide and make sense of our own lives.

Thomas Moore, psychotherapist and author of the New York Times bestseller Care of the Soul, whose story was featured in Series 1 of the podcast, says: “I do many interviews about my books, and I must say that Will Gethin’s podcast interview was among the best. I like his concept: to go deep into the lives and thoughts of culture leaders to see how their own lives take the form of The Hero’s Journey. I was surprised what I discovered under Will’s patient and intelligent guidance. It takes a special talent to conduct a truly probing and revealing interview. Obviously, Will has that talent and intelligence.”

Joseph Campbell was also famous for his mantra for living “Follow your Bliss”. He later updated it to “Follow Your Blisters” acknowledging that when you truly follow your authentic calling you’ll inevitably meet considerable challenges and it’s through life’s challenges that we get to overcome our fears and grow. Real bliss tends to be hard-won, all the greater for any endurances borne along the way.

Sharing the inspirational human journeys of maverick modern pilgrims, the Follow Your Blissters podcast offers a stimulating resource to inspire and guide you to find your true calling and follow it, navigate any challenges arising, and share the best of your evolving skills, wisdom and experience for the benefit of your community or the wider world.

Will Gethin and his Follow Your Blissters podcast are a power for good in the world.

Satish Kumar – author of Pilgrimage for Peace

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Series 2 Episodes

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Wednesday 15th June, 2022
Episode 1: Dan Millman – Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit

The guest for this launch episode of Series 2, is Dan Millman, legendary teacher of the Peaceful Warrior’s Way and author of the cult spiritual classic The Way of the Peaceful Warrior – later screened as the film Peaceful Warrior – and 17 other books which have inspired millions of readers worldwide.

In this episode we explore the extraordinary experiences, wake up calls and life lessons that shaped Dan’s evolution from childhood dreamer to world-class athlete to international spiritual teacher and bestselling author, as recounted in his new memoir Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit, which unveils the real-life journey of the man behind the Peaceful Warrior legend. 

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where before there were only walls”

Joseph Campbell

Follow Your Bliss…or Follow Your Blisters?

In the following video and article, Will Gethin reflects on Joseph Campbell’s mantra for living, “Follow Your Bliss”, and why he later updated it to “Follow Your Blisters”.

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