The Hero’s

“A complete instruction manual in the art of being human.”
Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer’s Journey

Having powerfully experienced The Hero’s Journey in his own life, Will Gethin has been guiding others to apply this mythical story template as a map for living and transformation for the last three years.

Hosting Hero’s Journey talks, workshops and retreats, retreat co-facilitators have included ‘resilience in nature’ pioneer Alan Heeks and creative arts psychotherapist, Sam Bloomfield.

Will is also developing an online one-to-one Changemaker’s Journey mentoring programme (available Autumn 2021) – grounded in The Hero’s Journey structure – providing guidance and support to emergent changemakers to step up and follow their true calling, hone their vision, bring their offering to fruition, and share their positive messages with the world.

Drawing on the depth psychology of Carl Jung, The Hero’s Journey was devised by mythologist Joseph Campbell. Travelling around the world exploring the world’s myths, Campbell discovered ‘one story’ at the heart of all great myths which he called the ‘monomyth’. Mapping the stages of what he then developed as ‘The Hero’s Journey’, Campbell provided a powerful template for storytelling which has been applied to countless films, from Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, The Matrix and The Wizard of Oz, to Dances with Wolves, Avatar, Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter books and films.

The story typically starts with the protagonist having their world shaken up. They go on a journey and face tests, challenges and their greatest fears, and return redeemed and transformed through their trials. The Hero’s Journey is also a map for our own lives and the challenges we face.

Joseph Campbell’s mantra for living was ‘Follow Your Bliss’ (later updated to Blisters). “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where before there were only walls,” he promised.  In our workshops and retreats, we invite participants to open the door to their bliss (and blisters!) and experientially journey towards a desired next step, dream or goal, facing and learning from any fear and resistance arising and opening to new inspiration and direction. These events are a chance to explore a fresh sense of purpose and bring some juice back into your life.

Workshop & Retreat Testimonials

Men’s Retreats

 “Powerful and cathartic.”
John Harley

“A remarkably enriching adventure!”
Stuart Finlator

“Very enlightening. I would definitely recommend it to others.”
Keith Howat

Well worth the value of the treasure I found!“
Lawrence Hughes

Thank you Sam and Will for holding the space for us so well and with so much heart, and creating and leading a Hero’s Journey that has enriched the lives and hearts of everyone who attended. I look forward to more!
Ewan Powrie

Great workshop, really energising and a wonderful collection of men. Well done Will and Sam.
Luke Hutcheson

I loved spending these few days in this beautiful place with a great bunch of guys! The whole process was challenging in a good way, rewarding and very nourishing. Sam and Will make a fantastic team and are extremely skilled at holding the space in a very kind and safe way for all of us. Thank you!
Jeremie Dufaud

I had a great weekend and came out feeling very strong with my inner workings. A very moving, deep and enlightening process which I will never forget.
Thomas Hutchinson

This weekend completely inspired me and restored my faith in what it means to commit to the journey of becoming the best version of a man you can be. Thank you so much Will and Sam.
Scott H, Bristol. 

The journey presented a good framework for transformation. Sam and Will used their experiential sensitivity and own insights to guide us in a well held and safe space. The variety of circle sharing, embodied activities, lake swimming, sauna, time alone, and eating together made for a very rich and intense weekend; the journey has begun! 
Robin Jones

An amazing weekend in the woods. Same again next year please! 
Daniel Dobbie

Workshops (men & women)

Wild & Well Festival, Bristol (one hour event)

I never thought you could walk the hero’s journey in one hour – Will and Alan managed to do that with inspiration and fun.  
Nick Barnett

Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham (one day event)

Will Gethin is a holistic adventurer and his passion for the Hero’s Journey shines through in his workshops and talks.  The workshop I attended was skilfully facilitated and left me feeling empowered.  Will has a gentle and encouraging manner that put everyone at their ease.                 
Paul Goddard

In the Press

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More information:

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