Series 1

In bi-weekly episodes for Series 1 of Follow Your Blissters during Summer 2021, Will Gethin interviewed ‘peace pilgrim’ Satish Kumar, ‘corporate busker’ Sarah Rozenthuler, Dark Nights of the Soul author Thomas Moore, ‘deep life explorer’ Tim Freke, holistic educator William Bloom, and social change pioneer Eva Hamilton MBE, about their experiences of living out The Hero’s Journey – or Heroine’s Journey – in their lives. You can listen to the episodes below.

Special thanks for this series, go to:

Ikey Morland – editing / recording
Michael Tyak – intro / outro music
GFM Radio, Glastonbury – recording facilities

Series 1 Episodes

Wednesday 4th August, 2021
Episode 6: Eva Hamilton MBE – The Call to Serve Humanity

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The guest for this sixth and final episode of Series 1 of Follow Your Blissters is Eva Hamilton MBE, Founder and CEO of Key4Life, an extraordinary charity that rehabilitates ex-offenders using equine therapy, turning around the lives of some of the most disaffected young men in Britain. 

Key4Life builds on Eva’s remarkable charitable work in support of marginalised sectors of society over 35 years. Setting up the Seeing is Believing programme with HRH The Prince of Wales, she took 600 of Britain’s top business leaders into deprived inner city areas, and other charitable projects include supporting homeless people back into employment and helping war veterans recover from trauma. 

In this conversation, we uncover Eva’s personal odyssey from wayward teenager called to a life of service at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying in Calcutta, through many trials and traumas, right through to her celebrated work today helping ex-offenders to move through their pain and recover their lives, using a programme drawing directly on her own rich life experience. 

Wednesday 21st July, 2021
Episode 5: Dr William Bloom – The Power of Modern Spirituality

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The guest for this episode is the pragmatic and playful modern mystic, Dr William Bloom, one of the UK’s frontier holistic educators.

Author of 26 books, including The Power of Modern SpiritualityFeeling Safe and The Endorphin Effect, William is Co-founder of the Alternatives events programme in London, and creator of the UK’s first accredited course in Spiritual Wellness. His work focuses on helping people discover their own best way to connect to what he calls “the wonder and energy of life” as the fulcrum for ongoing spiritual practice.

In this interview, we uncover William’s intriguing journey from novelist, propagator of Sixties counterculture, honorary Hells Angel and academic to trailblazing pioneer of the modern UK holistic movement.

Wednesday 7th July, 2021
Episode 4: Tim Freke – Deep Life Explorer

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The guest for this episode is the audacious and entertaining deep life explorer and ‘stand up’ philosopher, Tim Freke. A respected authority on world spiritualty and author of 35 books, including Deep Awake, Soul Story and The Jesus Mysteries, Tim has a contagious enthusiasm for exploring the mystery of life, embracing both hard-headed science and open-hearted spirituality. His mission is to help people become enlivened, connected and in love with life.

In this conversation, we explore Tim’s eclectic journey, from his explorations of different spiritual traditions and psychedelics, to his modern application of ancient contemplative practices, and his new path of what he calls ‘Unividualism’, offering a visionary new understanding of the nature of reality and the purpose of life.

Wednesday 23rd June, 2021
Episode 3: Thomas Moore – Dark Nights of the Soul

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In this episode, I talk with Thomas Moore, a Jungian psychotherapist and author of Dark Nights of the Soul, the New York Times bestseller Care of the Soul, and 22 more books about bringing soul to personal life and culture, deepening spirituality, humanising medicine and finding meaningful work. His work also infuses mythology, depth psychology and the arts, emphasising the importance of images and imagination.

In this conversation, we explore Thomas’s enthralling metamorphosis from monk and musician, to university professor, to psychotherapist, and finally to meteoric bestselling author. He also illuminates the ‘Dark Night’ aspect of the Hero’s Journey and shares wisdom for finding what Jung called, ‘The Gold in the Dark’.

Wednesday 9th June, 2021
Episode 2: Sarah Rozenthuler, The Corporate Busker

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In this episode, Sarah Rozenthuler – purpose-led business pioneer and author of Powered by Purpose – shares her colourful story of breaking away from the UK corporate world in her early 20s and becoming an itinerant street circus performer in Spain. After four tough but exhilarating years juggling fire and knives across Spain’s vibrant fiesta trail, Sarah returned to the UK and integrated these skills into the corporate arena, especially the art of engaging, educating and entertaining people, which she has been doing ever since as a chartered psychologist and leadership consultant advising business leaders across the world. Also explored in this conversation are the current global shift towards purpose-led business and a fairer and greener economy; the art of living in the flow; and The Heroine’s Journey, bringing a feminine perspective on this archetypal transformation process.

Wednesday 26th May, 2021
Episode 1: Satish Kumar, 8000-Mile Peace Pilgrimage

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The guest for this launch episode of Follow Your Blissters is Satish Kumar, the former monk, environmentalist and legendary peace activist. Satish is celebrated worldwide for the remarkable two and a half year peace pilgrimage he walked from India to the USA (and onto Japan) in the early Sixties, without spending any money and eating only vegetarian food.  In this episode, we retrace the steps of this extraordinary voyage Satish made while just in his mid twenties, facing extreme dangers and hardships along the way – including being held up at gunpoint twice – to take a stand for world peace and nuclear disarmament. Satish’s walk is a classic example of The Hero’s Journey with all its trials, tribulations, inner transformation, and bringing back a powerful boon to share – his story and its assimilated lessons for peace. Enjoy the journey!

Thursday 20th May, 2021
Introduction Episode

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In this introduction to the Follow Your Blissters podcast, Will Gethin introduces mythologist Joseph Campbell and his Hero’s Journey map for transformational storytelling, explaining how it can be used as a guide to make sense of our own lives.

He also explores Campbell’s mantra for living ‘Follow Your Bliss’ and why he later updated it to ‘Follow Your Blisters’, gives an overview of the condensed journey stages he will be working with in his conversations with thought leaders, and invites listeners to find inspiration for their own evolving journeys.

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