Meet Will Gethin

After a decade of working for London PR agencies into the early 2000s, and inspired by a life-changing sabbatical in India and South East Asia, I determined to live a more holistic life and to make a difference in the world.

Having worked primarily in consumer and music PR, promoting a variety of renowned brands and bands, while I’d initially relished the high-octane agency life, I was feeling increasingly lacklustre and felt the call to bring more meaning and purpose into my work. Also eager to live a life imbued with aliveness and soulfulness, I sought to align my passions and inspirations with my experience, skills and talents, and bring forth this synthesis in service to the higher good.

Moving to Gloucestershire, and going freelance, for several years I worked with three wonderful charities – the Makhad Trust, which protects the desert heritage and livelihood of the Sinai Bedouin tribes; IT Schools Africa which sends recycled computers to African schools; and the Isbourne Centre, which provides a wealth of holistic education courses and workshops. Also working as a travel writer and holistic explorer, I travelled to many edge-of-the-world frontiers, including Mongolia, Ladakh and Arctic Lapland, writing articles for leading newspapers and magazines, including The Independent, The Evening Standard (London), Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Resurgence. I also trained as a meditation teacher and started a Guest Speaker programme at the Isbourne Centre, where I hosted talks and workshops with over 100 new consciousness pioneers.

Moving to Bristol, I set up Conscious Frontiers in 2012, continuing to promote an exciting roster of purposeful organisations, social entrepreneurs and changemakers under this banner. I also organised some events, including the Conscious Frontiers festival programme; and the FutureNOW spiritual ecology conference (together with Joe Hoare), exploring how we can sustain our planet for future generations and offering a spiritual response to our global ecological crisis.

In 2015, I walked and helped organise a two-week Peace Pilgrimage from London to Glastonbury without spending any money to promote the Dalai Lama film Road to Peace and His Holiness’s message of peace. I moved to Glastonbury the following year, and now live in a nearby village.

Today, working out of the Red Brick Building ‘Media Hub‘ near Glastonbury, in addition to my PR and Communications work, I host the Follow Your Blissters podcast and offer mentoring and events applying mythologist Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ template for storytelling as a map for living and transformation.

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