Megalith: Studies in Stone, the first global study to fully reveal the remarkable complexity of stone circles and Neolithic art will be published on Thursday 21 June for summer solstice.

Megalith will be launched at Avebury and Stonehenge on Wednesday 20 June, when Robin Heath, contributing author to Megalith (and author of eleven books on stone circles), and John Martineau – the creative drive behind Megalith as editor and publisher – will give talks at the Henge Shop in Avebury (2-4pm) and at Stonehenge (8.30-9pm) sharing their latest discoveries about these two landmark UK monuments.

John Martineau, leading megalithomaniac and Founder of the Megalithomania Conference (UK), says: “The megalithic culture of western Europe left behind some vast and enigmatic temples, and yet there is little understanding of the cosmology driving their construction. In this groundbreaking new book, eight authors finally solve the mystery, showing how these sites were designed by builders who were also expert surveyors, astronomers and geometers.”

For more details re the Megalith launch at Avebury on Wednesday 20 June visit:

For more details re the launch at Stonehenge on 20 June visit:




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