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Conscious Frontiers is delighted to have been nominated for Kindred Spirit magazine’s Ethical Business Award 2015, “in recognition of the companies that care about people as much as they do about profits”.

Announcing the Kindred Spirit Awards 2015 in the current issue of the magazine, the editors write:

“As in previous years, we have come up with the names of deserving individuals and companies who have had an impact in a meaningful way on our lives and the lives of others. We would like to celebrate the people who make a positive difference to our wellbeing and we’d like your help to make that happen.”

Other categories for the Awards include: Spiritual Writer, Music, MBS Personality of the Year, Retreat/Healing Centre, Spiritual Community Initiative, and a Lifetime Achievement award. You can check out the nominations and vote online for your favourite MBS luminaries and pioneers visiting the KINDRED SPIRIT AWARDS 2015 page of the magazine’s website (

We’d obviously be thrilled if you gave Conscious Frontiers your vote for the Ethical Business Award. Over the last year, Conscious Frontiers has promoted pioneering new consciousness speakers and ethical organisations providing a platform to take their positive messages out into the world. We also staged the well received FutureNOW Spiritual Ecology Conference in Bristol, exploring ways to create a happier, healthier and more sustainable Future; a follow up FutureNOW is planned for November 2015 (watch this space!). Exciting new Conscious Frontiers communications clients this year include the celebrated green and spiritual activism magazine Resurgence & Ecologist, and a documentary film about the Dalai Lama, Road to Peace, which recently attained worldwide digital distribution rights and shares His Holiness’s principle messages of Universal Responsibility, Loving Kindness and Peace.

Nominations for the Kindred Spirit Awards 2015 are open until 17th April. The winners will then be announced on Saturday 2nd May at an awards ceremony at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London.

“Through the awards, we hope to draw attention to what’s positive in our world,” write the Kindred Spirit editors, “despite the challenges that many of us face, the trauma of those living in difficult circumstances across the globe, and the fight to protect Mother Earth herself. It’s that time when those working from a place of authenticity, who are motivated from the heart, should be recognised.”

View the nominations for the Kindred Spirit Awards 2015 and VOTE HERE!

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