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New podcast series explores mythologist Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ template for storytelling as a map for living and transformation

Launching with an interview with peace activist Satish Kumar about his legendary 8,000 mile peace walk on Wednesday 26 May, the series also features conversations with US author and psychotherapist Thomas Moore, purpose-led business pioneer Sarah Rozenthuler, philosopher Tim Freke, and holistic educator William Bloom 

The new Follow Your Blissters podcast – hosted by Will Gethin, Founder of Conscious Frontiers – launches on Wednesday 26 May, exploring mythologist Joseph Campbell’s iconic map for storytelling, The Hero’s Journey, as a map for living and transformation.  

Will Gethin, a facilitator of Hero’s Journey-inspired workshops and retreats, says: “In bi-weekly episodes, I’ll be talking to an inspiring mix of thought leaders, changemakers, spiritual teachers, environmentalists, activists, writers and extraordinary everyday people, about their experience of living out The Hero’s Journey – or Heroine’s Journey – in their lives.

“Mythologist Joseph Campbell, who created The Hero’s Journey, was also famous for his mantra for living ‘Follow your Bliss’, which he later updated it to ‘Follow Your Blisters’ acknowledging that when you truly follow your authentic calling you’ll inevitably meet considerable challenges and it’s through life’s challenges that we get to overcome our fears and grow. In my experience bliss tends to be hard won, all the greater for any endurances borne along the way. As the title of this podcast suggests, we’ll be exploring this theme in the various upcoming conversations.”

Thomas Moore, psychotherapist and author of the New York Times bestseller, Care of the Soul, says: “I do many interviews about my books, and I must say that Will Gethin’s podcast interview was among the best. I like his concept: to go deep into the lives and thoughts of culture leaders to see how their own lives take the form of The Hero’s Journey. I was surprised what I discovered under Will’s patient and intelligent guidance. It takes a special talent to conduct a truly probing and revealing interview. Obviously, Will has that talent and intelligence.”

Thomas Moore

In his introductory episode to the podcast series (now live), Will gives an overview of The Hero’s Journey and how it has inspired and guided his own life. He also gives a foretaste of upcoming episodes, starting with his interview with former monk, environmentalist and legendary peace activist Satish Kumar on Wednesday 26 May, about the perilous quest of his youth – a remarkable 8-000 mile walk for peace from India to the USA, made without spending any money and eating only vegetarian food. “With all its trials, tribulations and inner transformation, Satish’s walk is a classic example of The Hero’s Journey,” Will Gethin says, “not least for the powerful boon he brought back to share – his story and its assimilated lessons for Peace.”

Pilgrimage for Peace (Satish Kumar right)

The interview with Satish inaugurates his new book, Pilgrimage for Peace: The Long March from India to Washington, to be published on Thursday 27 May. 

In ensuing episodes, purpose-led business pioneer Sarah Rozenthuler shares her experience of living in Spain as an itinerant street circus performer for four years before returning to the corporate world; Thomas Moore, also author of Dark Nights of the Soul, elucidates about the ‘Dark Night’ aspect of The Hero’s Journey; deep life philosopher Tim Freke explores everything from spiritual search, psychedelics and the mystical notion of ‘Oneness’ to his new path of ‘Unividualism’; and eminent spiritual teacher Dr William Bloom unveils his colourful metamorphosis from acclaimed novelist, honorary Hells Angel and propagator of Sixties counter culture to becoming one of the frontier educators of the UK’s modern holistic movement. 

Available on, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other leading podcast directories, the Follow Your Blissters podcast aims to inspire and guide people to find their true calling and follow it, navigate any challenges arising, and share the best of their evolving skills, wisdom and experience for the benefit of their communities.

Satish Kumar says: “Will Gethin and his Follow Your Blissters podcast are a power for good in the world.” 

Satish Kumar

Edited and recorded by Ikey Morland, the music score for the podcast was provided by Michael Tyak, best known as the frontman of psychedelic folk band, Circulus.  

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