Join the world’s first Festival Micronation!

A free independent state, pushing the boundaries of the festival experience

Sunrise: Another World unveils new site and theme for its epic micronation celebration,Thursday 30th May–Sunday 2nd June

Festival site: Thoulstone Park, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire BA13 4AQ

Theme: ‘Around the World in 80 days’

Help create a more sustainable, joyful world and join the micro-global adventure of a lifetime!


Hot on the heels of launching the Sunrise Micronation in Frome – a free independent state independent of world governments –  the Sunrise Embassy now unveils  the “mystery” site for their new Sunrise: Another World festival (30th May-2nd June) – Thoulstone Park, their new lush and verdant homeland nestled amongst  the beautiful rolling hills of Wiltshire.

Amid this stunning natural wilderness, the new Sunrise Micronation – a beacon for a Utopian world of ethical principles and harmonious living – begins the journey to become the world’s first Sustainability Superpower.

Daniel Hurring, co-founder of Sunrise Another World (the new incarnation of Sunrise Celebration festival) and the Sunrise Micronation, explains:  “Our independent state aims to be offer an alternative view of life, an antidote to austerity, and keys to happiness, sustainable futures and harmonious communities.  From our new homeland in the stunning surrounds of Thoulstone Park, we aim to create a progressive vision of the future, of society and community. One that is not just functional, but beautiful, not just sustainable, but abundant and flourishing, not just stable but healthy and whole.  We invite you to join our community, to come on the journey, share the adventure in our Sunrise Micronation.  Your thoughts, needs, desires and wishes will form the basis of our nation. Help us to create the future you want for your children, their children and the generations beyond.

“This serious vision aside, Sunrise –as ever – will be a wild jamboree and celebration, a place to forget your woes, dance the night away, be inspired, and share skills, stories and smiles. We believe that every life should be filled with riotous joy, and this more than anything is what this adventure is all about. “

Arranged in micro-regions, the micronation has the cultural capital, the Plaza Del Paz, at its heart – a diverse cultural melting pot where you can uncover treasures in The Souk, grab a bite from the buzzing street food market, dodge rickshaws, enjoy street entertainers, share food and drinks in the Rising Sun Pub, or trip the light fantastic before the 2000-capacity Main Stage. Headline music acts include mighty The Dub Pistols, Krafty Kuts, Utah Saints and The Beat. Catch inspiring speakers in the Groovy Movie cinema by day (and amazing comedy and cabaret by night). And at City Hall – the micronation’s home of democracy – you can visit the Tourist Information Services and take part in forums, debates and discussions, sharing your feedback with organisers and other citizens.

In the Global Village – the micronation welcomes in the best of the wider world community.  Here, the famed intercultural summer school Tribe of Doris showcase a cornucopia of multicultural rhythms, movement, song and story, and ignite magic around the nightly campfire with impromptu Gypsy jams, harmonized Zulu chanting and story telling from around the world whilst supping chai and feasting on delicious Tibetan Momos.  You can escape this whirl of activity in the Wellbeing Area ‘s garden of serenity, take a bathe in the Lakeside Spa, chill out in the Tipi Village or take part  in ceremonies in the Temple of Unity – the sacred space for celebrating the interconnection of all living things.

In The Shire – the hobbit-y land of crafts – learn eco-building, wood carving and alternative technologies; drink cider, soak up folk music and traditional fairground and dancing. At its hub, the Green Talks Dome – the world first renewably powered debating venue  – brings a diverse and exciting  forum for social and environmental education and will be variously hosted by pioneering sustainability organisations, including a programme curated by legendary ‘Earth Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, and a daily talks slot from Permaculture Magazine.  Other speaker highlights include Graham Hancock, “Moneyless Man” Mark Boyle, Tim “Mac” Macartney, “Ecocide Lawyer” Polly Higgins and Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party.

In Storylandsa semi-mythical kingdom in the Northern Forests – children dance and play among the trees amid high-flying aerial performances, storytelling, fire acts and art trails.  And finally – the Underworld, where the more adventurous denizens of the micronation party through the night, celebrating life through the timeless mediums of dance, music and having an outrageously good time!

This year’s fancy dress theme, Around the World in 80 Days, celebrates the pioneering, exploratory spirit of the micronation and the multicultural influences of Tribe of Doris.

Daniel Hurring explains: “We’re looking for inspired outfits that reflect the intercultural heritage of our peoples, the spirit of frontier-ship and enterprise and the great days of the explorers and adventurers. Dazzle, amaze and astound us with your creativity! The spirit of the Micronation is the spirit of of breaking new ground, of pushing forth the frontiers and awakening new possibilities.  The Sunrise Micronation will celebrate diversity and the people and cultures of all nations. No Micronation is an island unto itself!”

As a ‘Participation Nation’ – Sunrise, while governed by its guiding principles, will present as open a democratic model as it can. Daily assemblies at the festival will provide the chance for each and everyone to raise issues, discuss the functioning of the nation and collectively decide what it will become.

As usual The Sunrise Team are leading the industry in groundbreaking attempts to minimise energy use, carbon footprints, landfill and waste. This year they hope to have a truly innovative renewable energy smart grid in place. As ever, they will publish the results and share the knowledge to all and any organisations who show an interest. This year they are teaming up with De Montford University to introduce real academic rigour into their testing and published results.

The Sunrise Micronation journey begins at the dark and foreboding Checkpoints of Babylon, where collecting your passport to ‘Another World’, you will emerge to a rapturous reception from the Sunrise  Welcome Team at the Open Gate to the free lands of Sunrise beyond the borders.

But the adventure really begins with the journey to the micronation, Hurring highlights:  “Travelling to festivals is one of the best bits, that sense of the unknown and anticipated fun and the infinite possibilities ahead, just as when you set out on any great journey! We encourage everyone to make it even more fun, by car-sharing with a fellow adventurer or hopping on one of the many coaches to the festival and making a whole busload of new friends on the way!”

Tickets & Booking Information

  • Tickets for Sunrise: Another World are on sale at £115 until 15th May. Any remaining tickets will then be sold at the late-buyer price of £125. Child Tickets £25; Teens £75; Family Discounts available; Vehicle Tickets needed for parking
  • Tickets available via; 0845 1080259 / or via Access All Areas
  • For general enquiries contact Sunrise:; 0845 009 0246 463;

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