Meditation lands on London map

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Meditate Now, the UK’s first websearch facility for meditation and mindfulness classes, launches today, Wednesday 15th March, with a mission to make meditation more accessible for the digital generation.

The innovative Meditate Now website is your one-stop guide to all the meditation-related events happening around London. Each event comes with a TripAdvisor-style review so you can make a more informed choice as to which will be best for you.  The website will also direct you to courses and classes that can help with specific issues, such as happiness, anxiety, focus, relationships and spiritual growth.

The new website launches just days before International Day of Happiness (IDOH) on Monday 20th March, coinciding with the first day of spring, providing timely inspiration for those wishing to enhance their inner peace and happiness. As a partner for IDOH 2017, Meditate Now will be inspiring Londoners to “join the movement for a happier world”, the theme of this year’s IDOH campaign, highlighting the vital role meditation can play in cultivating happiness (visit on 20th March for details).

Interest in meditation has exploded in recent years, held up as the antidote to the stresses of modern, urban life.  Yet for an increasing number of pressurised, urban professionals, access to meditation is currently limited to short bursts via phone apps.

Pete Bartlett, Founder of Meditate Now and an experienced meditator himself, hopes the website will encourage these transitory digital meditators to move beyond technology and find more lasting peace and happiness in their frantic, workaday lives. As he explains:

“Today there’s a whole new generation of young urbanites who are accessing meditation and mindfulness on their phone, through apps like Headspace and Calm. Yet paradoxically, I think smart phones can often be counterproductive to meditation – you go to your phone to look for an app and get tempted to look on Facebook or answer an email. The generation discovering meditation through technology are now seeking to do it in a real world way and in the company of like-minded people.”

Despite the current buzz surrounding meditation – unlike its Eastern forerunner yoga, the fledgling UK meditation industry has yet to develop, making the search for classes and tangible ways to engage in meditation practice, a challenging process…until now. Pete Bartlett elucidates:

“Inspired to progress my meditation practice earlier this year, I did a Google search for meditation classes, and was surprised to find there wasn’t a search engine for meditation. The websites for centres offering meditation are typically quite basic which makes looking for classes pretty laborious. There are plenty of apps for sourcing and booking yoga classes, but not for meditation. So, I decided to set up Meditate Now. We’re launching the service in London this springtime with a view to expanding to other UK cities later in the year. There’s a world of meditation to discover in London, I want to help people uncover it and get involved.”

In addition to providing a more efficient way of sourcing meditation classes, Meditate Now also offers meditators a valuable educational resource to inform their meditation practice. And it aims to be a hub for a supportive, encouraging community, helping meditators stay inspired by sharing their meditation journey with others. There will be regular news and blogs about meditation, the latest app reviews, and the website will outline the many different meditation practices available so visitors can decide what’s best for them.

Visit Meditate Now for inspiration on increasing your peace and happiness with a supportive meditation practice this springtime: 



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