Dynamic new Leadership programme at St Ethelburga’s Centre in the City of London next month shows how

PrintAn innovative new dialogue and leadership programme to be presented at St Ethelburga’s Centre in Bishopsgate, London on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th November, invites leaders, change agents, coaches and consultants to discover the power of open dialogue and co-creative collaboration for empowering sustainable change in organisations.

The celebrated two day skill building programme, Leading Systemic Dialogue: Unlocking Collective Intelligence, is the brainchild of renowned chartered psychologist and corporate dialogue coach Sarah Rozenthuler, and Edward L.  Rowland, a pioneering British Systemic Coach and founder of The Whole Partnership, a cutting edge consultancy catalysing purpose-led leadership and transformation in organisations.

Co-authors of the new e-book Leading Systemic Dialogue, Sarah and Ed’s unrivalled experience and expertise in delivering leadership consultancy to some of the world’s most progressive organisations is powerfully combined to provide groundbreaking tools for boosting wellbeing, performance and profitability in the workplace.

sarahrozenthulerSarah Rozenthuler, author of Life Changing Conversations, who has led dialogue programme for global organisations such as Old Mutual, EY, PwC and the World Bank, says:

“Creating sustainable organisations calls for thinking and acting differently. Whether we’re looking to create a new vision, seed a new culture or implement a new strategy, it’s by thinking and talking together that we co-create a better future. Poor communication and ‘silo working’ in organisations costs millions of pounds daily. Rivalry between departments, lack of trust in teams and unresolved conflicts between individuals all undermine collective performance. Avoiding open and honest conversations, whether about performance, pay or promotion, stops progress in its tracks.”

So what’s the solution?

Sarah explains: “Systemic Dialogue is a powerful strategic process for catalysing change in organisations, drawing on collective intelligence to inspire creative solutions. Stuck patterns of ‘talking nice’, ‘talking tough’ or not talking at all need to be identified, interrupted and replaced by more skilful ways of interacting. When we change the dynamics of our conversations, the rules of engagement and the quality of listening, we widen the field of possibilities. Fresh inspiration, new ideas and innovative resolutions to problems emerge that would never have been reached by individuals thinking and working alone.”

Business Connection Corporate Team Jigsaw Puzzle Concept
Business Connection Corporate Team Jigsaw Puzzle Concept

The numerous business benefits of effective and energising communication include:

  • Improved performance through higher level collaboration and trust
  • Increased profitability, greater employee engagement and better customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced wellbeing and motivation amongst staff and other stakeholders

Participants on this programme will learn how to create the conditions for collaborative thinking and dialogue that stimulate energy for action. You’ll discover how to make successful interventions to re-focus conversations when they become stuck, have the chance to assess your conversational skills and to expand your capacity to engage with and listen to others.

Sarah Rozenthuler says: “If you want to radically enhance your organisation’s wellbeing and performance then our Leading Systemic Dialogue programme in November will give you some invaluable insights and tools. Early booking is advised to secure your place, we look forward to supporting you to co-create lasting transformative change.”

Vilma Nikolaidou, Head of Organisational Development at the Tate Gallery, says:

“This is one of the best development programmes I have ever attended – very practical, with uniquely strong research and academic foundations.”



The Leading Systemic Dialogue: Unlocking Collective Intelligence programme takes place at St Ethelburga’s Centre, 78 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AG (close to Liverpool St. tube) on 9th and 10th November

The cost of a standard rate place on the programme is £790.00 plus VAT, bursaries available.  Refreshments included (not lunch). To register your place, or for further information, contact Tricia Grace Norton:;  +44 (0) 88888888.

For more information about the programme visit:

A free copy of Sarah and Ed’s new e-book Leading Systemic Dialogue is available at:

For more information about Sarah Rozenthuler visit

For more information about Ed. L Rowland and The Whole Partnership visit



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