Why Low Carbon Living improves your quality of life – Mukti Mitchell explains

 “We are Nature. We are from Nature. And we return to Nature.

So it naturally makes us feel good to live in a way that is tune with our environment.

And feeling good is part of quality of life.”




MuktiMitchell.cycleIn this short video, Mukti Mitchell, author of the Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyles, explains the spiritual benefits of low carbon living…he also explains why its good for your body and your mind, as well as psychologically.

You can discover more about Mukti – including his epic sailing expedition around the UK in an eco micro yacht sharing his “low carbon living” message – by visiting his website: www.lowcarbonlifestyle.org.uk.

Mukti is also Director of CosyHome Company, which specialises in energy saving insulation solutions for period homes. For more info visit: www.cosyhomecompany.co.uk

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