I Am Witch exhibition takes media by storm!

I Am Witch exhibition takes media by storm!

Conscious Frontiers was delighted to organise the publicity for the groundbreaking ‘I Am Witch’ exhibition in Lancaster this month, which created a fervent buzz in the media with coverage highlights including articles in The Guardian and the Daily Mail, plus features on local ITV and BBC TV News for the North West region (see more below).

Curated by a group of women collaborating as The Silverspoons Collective, the exhibition has lifted the lid on the so called ‘Burning Times’ of the European Witch Hunts (1450-1750), exploring the history, and how epigenetically inherited trauma from those times continues to affect us today. The curators also aimed to dispel witch myths of ‘black pointy hats, devil worshipping, warty-nosed old women’ and tell the untold story of what really happened.

Sharing the trauma-clearing personal journeys of 33 women, expressed through interactive installations, painting, film, music, performance and storytelling, the exhibition has offered a powerful opportunity for reflection and reconnection, and the chance to be part of a growing movement for social change and healing.

Media highlights can be viewed here:

The Guardian, 3rd January 2022

The Guardian:

The Daily Mail:

ITV Granada Reports:

BBC One, North West Tonight:

There is talk of an abridged version of the I Am Witch exhibition touring to other parts of the UK later in the year – watch this space!

Plus check out The Silver Spoons Collective website for updates: https://silverspoonscollective.org

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